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Save up 1,000 dollars
As of 06/07/10...

I’m 10% along to finishing this goal.

Learn a Haydn Sonata
Learning Haydn's Sonata in D major, Hob:XVI/37

I’ve learned about 50 measures and I’ve got to say its been a joy. Haydn is a lot of fun. His music is just so happy. Hopefully in the next 3 1/2 weeks I can have the entire sonata learned, then I will try to bring the tempo up… I think that will be the biggest challenge in this sonata.

Learn All Major Scales on Piano at 120 Tempo
Scales reached so far

So far I have C Major, F Major, Bb Major, A Minor (Melodic and Harmonic), D Minor and G Minor up to 120. I have about 15+ more scales to go before I reach my goal.

Participate in Fine Arts Competition

I did it! I’m going to Nationals in Charlotte with everything (Piano Solo, Digital Photography, Graphic Design and Large Vocal Ensemble) except for Female Vocal Solo, but just for the record, I was .77 of a point away from Nationals wtih that, too.

Learn the Cella Luna (read all 2 entries…)
Hmm... Music and language!

For some reason, I’ve learned a bit of italian just by learning to sing it! Odd… Either way, it was fun! I like singing this song to my friends and making them think Im a complete weirdo by doing it.

eat seafood (read all 2 entries…)
Hong Kong Buffet

Two days in a row at the Hong Kong Buffet – Let’s just say, I was in heaven!

Scrapbook old photos with my Grandma (read all 2 entries…)
So far, so good!

I’ve scrapbooked about five or six pages with my Grandma and mom so far. The pictures are looking great! We got through most of the photos from the 1940s, now we’ll move into the more ‘recent’ photos of the 1950s-70s after my grandma labels the photos we’ve already scrapbooked. :)

(Yes, that IS my grandfather in the captioned picture. :) )

organize my computer

Organizing my computer got SO much easier after 60 rounds of Solitaire. I wonder why? (Haha, seriously.)

I freed up 3 GB, awesome, now my computer is all set for the Vista upgrade… :D (I still have videos I need to save though, I have to check and see if I backed them up on the external hard drives – Those things are sucking up 30 GB of my space!!!)

photograph lightning

The trick is to wait until a storm with very frequent lightning passes over your town/city, and use a ‘fireworks’ setting on your camera, or if that isn’t available, manually adjust your shutter speed slower to 4”.
(Just a note, the link to my website on the watermark isn’t working yet, I’m still editing my website.)

cure my hyperhidrosis
One Word...


Scrapbook old photos with my Grandma (read all 2 entries…)
Really want to do this

I really want to do this with my grandma Peggy. She isn’t well, and I want to scrapbook with her and learn about old photos she has while I can…

ride a zipline

I LOVED riding the zipline, I rode the entire thing upside down! (Even though I almost threw up… What can I say, I just had lunch!)

A moment after this picture was taken, I let go of the rope and sailed along the zipline hands free! (Look Ma, no hands!) And YES, I am DEATHLY afraid of heights but I still did it!

Repel down a cliff
It was hard!

This was really hard and it’s definitely not for the physically challenged! Like, ME!!! But otherwise it was awesome, even though I slammed myself into a side cliff and cried!

Visit Sicily
My roots are from Sicily

My grandfather’s family is from Caltanissetta, Sicily. I’d love to visit Sicily someday and see what it was like for my ancestors to live in Sicily.

Learn the Cella Luna (read all 2 entries…)
Cella Luna!

Cella Luna, metza mana, mama mia vo maritare, figlia mia chi da dare, mama mia, pazante tu! Sing it with me!

meet a nice guy
Want this to happen -someday-

I’m not desperate, I can wait to meet a nice christian guy someday. I just want it to happen sometime in my lifetime, perferably… ;)

get a cat
Not worth it if you're allergic or OCD

It’s sort of worth it, but I’m somewhat allergic to my cat so it’s not worth it if you’re allergic, but shes a wonderful cat besides all of that. When cats get bored they search for ‘other’ places besides their ‘litter box’ so do not get a cat if you have carpeting in your home.

finish 10th grade
It's cutting close

The school year is almost over and I want to make sure I get all my schoolwork for this year done.

eat seafood (read all 2 entries…)
Can't wait to have some

It’s been a while since I’ve had any seafood. I can’t wait to have some lobster, shrimp, clam or fish anytime soon!

learn greek
Want to Learn Greek because...

I want to learn Greek because I want to understand the Bible better. Greek is intriguing to me. I don’t think I’ll learn it anytime soon but it’s a goal, none the less.



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