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Not much to say here…just need to get to work I guess.

Go to a Tony Robbins event
Unlimited Power

A friend of mine loaned me his Tony Robbins CD called UNLIMITED POWER. Tony talks about the power each of us have to take control of our own lives, and make positive changes for ourselves, and for those around us. How cool is that message. He is very inspiring to me. I highly recommend listening to Tony Robbins if you want someone in your corner cheering you on. It doesn’t matter if my struggles are easy for you or someone else because they’re still my struggles. We all have them. Everyone is challenged differently. Tony Robbins knows this, and he is doing something about it. Call me whatever you want – Tony inspires me.

So with that said I would really like to see Tony Robbins live someday. I’m not sure how I can make this dream come true YET, but I am going to plan on doing it!

Tony, do you have any spare tickets to your next event…

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