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buy a homeless person a meal
You are an amazing person

Such a gesture tells a lot about one’s character. Plus, it makes you feel so good to know that you have helped a fellow human being feel just that tiny bit better for that day. Anything helps, pillows, socks, shoes, clothes, and the best one of them all, FOOD! Thank you for being so. We need more people like you and I in this warm but cool world. d:o)


P.S. you should check out my Music page On the right side of the page you can scroll down and see these 2 videos called “Blanket a Human” they’re sad but influential and inspiring. There is also a story about a 4 year old Hannah Turner who started A non profit organization devoted to helping out homeless people. Hope you like it.

Start a small business in the next few months
Starting my own business

I just recently came up with a “master plan.” A Business Plan or idea that is. I want to do this in the next few weeks. Prefferably sometime after June which will be when I will be relocating back to beautiful Sunny Sun Diego, CA d:o) I think that I can accomplish to start my business with about $5,000 to $7,000. As long as I follow through with a grrreat advertising campaign. Within a matter of months, maybe 7 or so, I should see my investment come back and then some. I can’t wait but patiently I will. Now, I must start calling around to try, no, to convince friends and relatives on lending a hand. One Love everybody!


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