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  1. 1. get a tragus piercing
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  2. 2. stop biting my lips
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  3. 3. stop procrastinating
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  4. 4. stop negative self-talk
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  5. 5. Skydive
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  6. 6. own a pet lion
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  7. 7. Own a penguin
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  8. 8. join Doctors without borders
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  9. 9. travel the world
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  10. 10. Have beautiful teeth
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  11. 11. Travel to every country in the world
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  12. 12. have good posture
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  13. 13. stop biting my nails
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  14. 14. go to a really HUGE rock concert!
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  15. 15. lose 40 pounds
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Own a penguin

I really really want one. <3

Have beautiful teeth
First step..

hahaha.. I didn’t have much of a teeth problem, but I have congenitally missing teeth and that caused my left canine to kick down my first premolar resulting in my midline shifting to the left.. So I got braces on March of this year. I still have a pretty long way to go as some gaps must be closed and because I only have braces on my upper jaw, I have to get mini screws/TAD’s and there’s a possibility that I have to get one implant, and I’m dreading that :/ But I guess I have to suck it up and wait?

*Note: I didn’t get braces on my lower jaw (even though I have a slight.. tilt :/?) because I think that when getting your teeth fixed, you should keep something that adds some characteristic to yourself :D

go to a really HUGE rock concert!

A Muse concert, or better yet, a Coldplay concert. Or 30STM, or Placebo. Maaan, the list never ends!

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