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stop drinking (read all 73 entries…)
Shit: so here I am back again!

It seems to me this goal likes me because it just doesn’t want me to leave. I did over a 100 days before Christmas and, just as I was getting confident, I crashed and burned.

I’ve been drinking regularly ever since and promising myself a few times a week that I’d get back on the wagon. Yeah, right. We all know the script here and, quite frankly, I’m boring myself with this shit.

I felt so bloody good when I was sober, so why the hell did I talk myself back into drinking?

Anyway,this is day 2 and my very good friend Sunny reminded me about 43T by sending me a message via a previous comment. Pullin for ya, Sunny and for all the guys who share this goal.

All the best,

stop drinking (read all 73 entries…)
Hi guys

I hope you are all well and progressing well with this goal.
For those of you who remember me, I’m still fighting booze but I have been feeling really confident lately. I’ve been totally sober for 3 months now and I feel confident about getting through Christmas.
Take care and stay strong,

stop drinking (read all 73 entries…)
Friday night

and I’m ready for bed. I came very close tonight with the internal debates about just buying a few beers. Only a few days ago I was posting here about drinking against my will and I was almost off to the supermarket again!

Anyway, that’s a Thursday and a Friday done – two tough nights for me. I’ve just got to hang in there till this gets easier, which I know it will with time.

I will never drink again (I’m talking to my ‘beast’)

Have a good weekend folks!


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