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fix my bike (read all 2 entries…)

Enjoy your greater mobility to get to (nearly) every place quickly and without polluting the air with your car =)

Also, it’s good for your health.
Do it.

fix my bike (read all 2 entries…)
Ask for help

I tried to change my bike’s fork…

but the size was wrong. So I tried to reasseble the original one, but it didn’t fit.
After some attempts (and a year later), I decided to let my local dealer fix it.

If you really don’t repair it within a week, you’ll probably never do it.
Better ask for help and pay some money for fixing.

Design and build my own house
Which Software?

Which software would you recommend to design your dream house?

On the one hand, CAD is too complicated to me for now, but on the other hand I want to have a tool that gives me the tools to build my dream house w/out limiting my ideas by too many tools.

Any advice?

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