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(This is not the opinion of the Peace Corps, this is my own opioion and thought)
So I havent written on 43 things in a long time. I just finnished my first month incountry as a PCT in Mauritania, West Africa. The past 4 weeks have been some of the most exciting, challenging and toughest weeks of my life. Its 120 degrees average in Kaedi, our traning site. No running water or electricity in my home stay village. We eat Goat and sheep almost every night with the occasional brain thrown in there. One of my bags got lost coming over from Newyork, still hasent shown up, and it wont.I live, sleep and eat in animal shit (litterally) There is no concept of hand washing and trash is every where. Alcohol is illegal. I Spent the last two nights in the hospital shitting and puking my brains out from salminial poising, passed out in the bath room and craked my head. But its totally worth it! From the miniute you go to staging until about two weeks after you get incountry, you will be looking around going what the fuck is going on? Its so fast pass, you have so many questions and no answers, but you just keep going. Its the wildest experiance Iv ever been on and if thats what your looking for then join up, again Iv only been here for a month, your PST is alot diffrent then your service as a PCV. It will be extremelly tough but so far Iv loved every second.

Join the Peace Corps (read all 23 entries…)

Today is quit your job Friday!

Join the Peace Corps (read all 23 entries…)
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To add to Christophdz’s entry listed below. to get the 50% off discount at Chaco. Call 970-527-4990. They will send you an email with the order form, fill it out then send in a copy of your invitation. What a smoking deal. Thanks Christophdz.

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