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  1. 1. write a novel
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  2. 2. get published
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  3. 3. Give blood
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  4. 4. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination
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  5. 5. Send a message in a bottle
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  6. 6. Work on my Secret Goal
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  7. 7. become an astronaut
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Work on my Secret Goal (read all 3 entries…)
a slight alteration...

well, i’ve kind of finished this one, but i’m not marking it as done. there are still a few small details to work out before i can say “i’m done” and say what it is.

all i can say that last night was a HUGE step forward, and it may only be a matter of days or weeks before it is completely done

write a novel (read all 10 entries…)
short term

i think setting a lot of short term goals is a much more efficent method to actually getting it done (as long as you set another soon after you finsih one). the long term stuff that 43things is good overall, but hoping to finish something 200 or more days in the future isn’t really going to motivate you.

that being said, i set my own STG. i just started my spring break, and i want to type at least 20 pages (it will be about 60 pages in a book, or about 1/8 of my total novel) before i go back to school in eight-ish days. i already have three down.

write a novel (read all 10 entries…)
a funny use of my novel

so i really haven’t written anything in a few days (i ended in the middle of a chapter as well), but i just used part of what i wrote to ask a girl out to Prom. i included a little section at the end of it that is a discussion between me and her over going (in narrative). then, i spaced out and just wrote, “fill in the blanks, will you go to prom with me?”

she said yes

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