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A Walk To Remember on target time, but have now started another book called The Pocket Messiah and I’m really struggling with this one. Not sure what it is about the book, but it is one of the hardest I’ve ever read. Not hard as in understanding, just hard to get into. Here’s hoping I can meet the goal set for this month in time.

read a book a month (read all 5 entries…)
A Walk To Remember

by Nicholas Sparks is the book I have chosen, getting through it slowly, just need to apply myself to the pages more than this machine! grrrr lol

Happy reading everybody :)

read a book a month (read all 5 entries…)
First book of the year completed. :)

About to head off here and begin on the next book, for February.

Will definitely be a Nicholas Sparks book, not sure if “Message In A Bottle” will be first or “A Walk To Remember”.

Will let you know soon which book got lucky :)

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