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  1. 1. learn italian
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  2. 2. learn sign language
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  3. 3. Run a 10k in under 45minutes
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  4. 4. Get into coffee
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  5. 5. finish Tom Clancy novel
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  6. 6. finish Terry Pratchett novel
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How I did it
How to finish Lee Child novel
It took me
6 weeks
It made me

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Run a 10k in under 45minutes
Assertained base fitness level

Thought hitting the 5K training first might be a good idea. I’m currently managing those in about 30-35 minutes, so I effectively have to double my speed/half my times.

finish Lee Child novel
Half way

Reading a kindle edition…

Get into coffee (read all 2 entries…)
Tried a Costa Coffee

Week one start with a standard Costa coffee with milk. Tasted like burned wood or something?

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