I'm doing 25 things

How I did it
How to get my GED
It took me
450 days
It made me

How to kiss in the rain
It took me
1 month
It made me

How to have a totally different life by this time next year
It took me
1 year
It made me

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find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it (with a fun picture attached)everyday for a year
Dogs with no tails

Everytime I see a dog with a docked or stump tail, I think of my baby girl, Daisy. I woulden’t have chosen to have had her docked, but she was docked before we found her, so now everytime I see one of her “tail twins” I smile and think of her.

List 10 tv shows that I hate but everyone else I know loves

1. Doctor Who
2. The Big Bang Theory
3. Glee
4. Star Trek
5. Friends
6. Family Guy
7. Bad Girls Club
8. My Fair Wedding
9. A Baby Story
10. Mad Men

List 43 Things I hate
Oh man I could have kept going

1. Animal Abuse
2. People who use online abbreviations in real life.
3. One word texts
4. Girls who break up a couple
5. Cramps
6. Super expensive makeup
7. Food Nazis (IE: That one douche who tells you you’ll get diabetes from eating fries)
8. Long hair on guys
9. People who disrespect Military/Law Enforcement.
10. Sluts/Skanks/whores, etc.
11. Girls who photoshop their pictures till their noses disappear
12. People who get too drunk too often. Especially in
13. Public bathrooms
14. Those one piece swimsuits without sides. They’re ugly
15. Girls who take their tops off/get naked at parties for attention
16 Rap music
17. Snow ANY TIME after Christmas
18. Tattoos that have no personal meaning behind them whatsoever
19. The Twilight series
20. The way it always smells in Taco Bell
21. Strawberry flavored anything
22. Overly obsessed sports fanatics
23. Speedos
24. “Manscaping”
25. People who tan wayyy too much
26. Fratboys
27. Wannabe Extreme Couponers who take 2 hours in line to save $25
28. Thieves/vandals/arsonists
29. UFC
30. Insomnia
31. Sharpie star tattoos.
32. Twitter
33. Awesome Documentaries/Movies that you can’t find anywhere
34. Lobster and Shrimp
35. Gauged ears
36. Drug Dealers
37. Silly bandz
38. Victoria’s Secret Love Pink
39. “Tapout” stuff
40. Marijuana activists
41. I hate shaving (My skin is so sensitive I have to use a ton of lotion after)
42. I hate Drake and every song he’s ever put out.
43. Cheating

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