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is cold, cold, cold

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Keep a journal of the funny things my daughter says (read all 12 entries…)
When she was 4

I was laying by her before she fell asleep. I told her how lucky I am to have her. I said “I am so blessed to have you” she said “you are blessed to have me??” I said “yup” and she said “thank you for saying that to me”.

Create a diary for my daughter to read when she gets older
You are amazing

You are my best friend. I think of you and my heart smiles. You can be so naughty and once you fall asleep all I want to do is wake you up so we can play Guess Who again. I wonder why I was given such a great person to take care of. I am so blessed.

Be the person that every girl wanted to be in high school
- The Snobby

I don’t want to be like the snobby girl in high school. Just the friendly one that everyone secretly wanted to be. Kind of like Katie Holmes…

Figure out why he won't propose
I'm almost positive he has had a ring for months

I didn’t get it for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years Eve. I want to make sure it feels right for both of us though, so I can wait.

Keep a journal of the funny things my daughter says (read all 12 entries…)
Sleeping Beauty

Last weekend my daughter let me sleep in about 30 minutes later then she did. When I woke up I went into her room and peeked in. There she was,laying in a princess costume, tucked into her blankets. I said “hello my princess”. She said, I am sleeping beauty and this is my prince charming (a Ken doll)and when he kisses me I wake up. I thought that was so cute.

Keep a journal of the funny things my daughter says (read all 12 entries…)
It smells good in here...

Okay, this is a good example of how oblivious kids can be. Keep in mind, this entry is kind of disgusting.

My daughter and I were at the movies and we went into the bathroom. She smells everything, no matter how disgusting it is. I went into my stall and she went into her own, that a woman had just come out of. As the woman is washing her hands my daughter says “wow, it smells good in here. It smells like fish” I just tried to avoid the comment without vomiting. Okay. I know you’re laughing, or repulsed or both. I really had to enter this though so I could remember it when she turns 30. :)

Become friends with people who are totally different then myself
I want every kind of friend possible

It would be great to have friends of every kind. I have a good variety of people in my life right now, but I really only have a few “friends” that I talk to and am close to. It would be awesome to be able to call friends in Jamaica or fly to see friends in England. I want friends who have purple hair and huge tattoos. Friends who are homeless and CEO’s of companies. The more diversified the better!

Compliment for Everytime I Complain
I complain too much

I am a complainer. I work myself up for perfection, and complain when something is not up to my “standards”. I have decided for each time I complain, I am going to compliment a business, establishment or a service I receive. I will write a formal letter, phone an 800 number or compliment a person face to face.

help those in need (read all 3 entries…)
Troop Drive

2 Years ago I held a troop drive for our soldiers in Iraq. We ended up sending over 20 packages to soldiers in Iraq. It was a great feeling. I even got the kids involved in packaging the donations.

Keep a journal of the funny things my daughter says (read all 12 entries…)
The Magic Wand

My daughter and I were sitting at the kitchen table about a month ago. She had a wand and would wave it saying things like “you are a frog” or “you are a cat”. Each time she would wave it at me I would pretend that I was whatever she was calling me. I asked her if I could see it and waved it at her. I said “you are a frog” and nothing happened. I said again “you are a frog” but nothing happened. I said to her “what’s wrong with this wand?”. She took it from me, looked at it and said “It’s made in China”. I couldn’t believe what she just said!

learn to drive automatic transmission

I love driving.

Keep a journal of the funny things my daughter says (read all 12 entries…)
It makes me think of you and I cry!!

We were driving in the car the other night and I looked behind me. To my surprise my daughter was crying very hard. I asked what was wrong and she said that the last 2 songs on the radio reminded her of me and that now since she heard them she will sing them in bed, think of me and cry all night. Awww how sweet….

Stop feeling so bad when I throw JUNK away! (read all 3 entries…)

I do miss the toddler bed :(

Keep a journal of the funny things my daughter says (read all 12 entries…)
Step brother??

I am in a relationship with a man who has a 14 year old son. We all live together and I am constantly trying to explain to my daughter that her and his son cannot get married, it just won’t ever be able to happen. Last week we were talking and again she was saying she was going to marry him. I said remember, you can’t do that. And she said “yes I can, and then he will be called prince (and his name)” I thought it was so sweet.

Keep a journal of the funny things my daughter says (read all 12 entries…)
And he's my boyfriend....

One day I was talking to my daughter while we were in the car. in the middle of a sentence out of nowhere she said and “matt” is my boyfriend, and she just kept talking (like she never said it but just HAD to tell me)

quit obsessing over my weight

I could see this becoming a problem. I just have to stop worrying about what I eat.

have a perfect smile (read all 2 entries…)
For now -

I give up. Until I have the cash to get this done.

Be the best parent in the world
I am trying to stop...

Hovering over her. She needs to see that she is a free spirit who doesn’t need me standing over her saying “honey don’t do that”. I’m working on it.

Drive SLOW in the slow lane, and actually enjoy it.
Why do I go so fast?

I would love to just be able to enjoy the scenery instead of riding peoples asses.. I wonder why I drive so aggressively..

Figure out why my mom and I always butt heads, and prevent it in the future
Little by little

I just keep telling her what makes me mad, while she is doing it and it helps.

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