I'm doing 30 things

Occasus's Life List

  1. 1. learn how to ride a bike
    222 people
  2. 2. exercise
    2,150 people
  3. 3. marathon
    161 people
  4. 4. see the seven wonders of the world
    551 people
  5. 5. Stop being depressed
    1 entry
    544 people
  6. 6. learn about native american indians
    2 people
  7. 7. Visit a Native American reservation
    12 people
  8. 8. see the northern lights
    19,131 people
  9. 9. Read more
    9,077 people
  10. 10. Read all the books in my "must read" pile
    2 entries
    1,085 people
  11. 11. talk to my family more
    56 people
  12. 12. Fall in love
    27,235 people
  13. 13. become rich
    1,073 people
  14. 14. be a diagnostic medical sonographer
    3 people
  15. 15. finish my education
    102 people
  16. 16. learn painting/art
    1 person
  17. 17. travel the world
    21,164 people
  18. 18. learn how to play the guitar
    1,005 people
  19. 19. To live instead of exist
    11,499 people
  20. 20. learn to ski
    962 people
  21. 21. learn to snowboard
    2,580 people
  22. 22. publish a short story in a literary magazine.
    9 people
  23. 23. learn to ride a motorcycle
    1,957 people
  24. 24. backpack through Europe
    5,135 people
  25. 25. Learn to knit and sew
    33 people
  26. 26. be a positive thinker
    13 people
  27. 27. Learn yoga and meditation
    40 people
  28. 28. learn horseriding
    17 people
  29. 29. volunteer
    5,554 people
  30. 30. south africa
    10 people
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Let go of the past (read all 3 entries…)
Finally an episode of my life over!

It took me a year to let go and now that I have I couldn’t be happier in my life! I feel like a ray of sunshine has entered into my life…I can breath easier and I feel better…and in the wierdest of ways destiny has taken over…I didn’t believe it at first but life works in mysterious ways…

Read all the books in my "must read" pile (read all 2 entries…)
awesome books!

I’ve read Paulo Coelho’s the Zahir and Alchemist and Mitch Albom’s the Five People You Meet in Heaven…recommend it to all! Life changing books about following your dreams and love…

Stop being depressed
so shocking...

What kind of world do we live in? I mean really are there any amount of people out there who really care? From my experience all I have to say is that all people do is use you and take advantage of you. They are all hypocrites…its all a show…whether in your job, life or whatever…they all get caught up in their own miserable lives…can u blame me for being depressed…the guy who so-called “professed his love for me” ended up backstabbing me when I needed the most help…my best friend changed once she started working…people at work are just acquaintances and nothing more…competing for a raise and ready to pounce and kill you once they get the go-ahead…people are such animals…i feel like my whole life is a waste…im not getting anywhere…i have noone to stand by me…im going insane because of no social contact…other than my sister or mother…what can i do? i have no one…

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