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Seven weeks in, and have lost nearly three stone, that was my target 3 stone by eight weeks. I have a fun run this weekend only 8.5 miles but I feel good, not going to be able to do it all but a fair ammount.

The weight loss has started to be noticed and I am getting a few compliments now, and from the ladies too!

succeed in my work and be recognised for it

I have finally been reciving congratulations and recognition for the effort and achievement I have been putting into my work life, although it has taken 3 years or so to get there!

Complete the things I start (read all 2 entries…)
A Goal

I have now a reason to stick with the Fitness and Healthy objective I have a fun run in four weeks, and although its not that far, I would like to get myself a reasonable time, well that is for me anyway!

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