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  1. 1. GET SKINNY
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  2. 2. ANA
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  3. 3. LOSE 14 POUNDS
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  4. 4. be super skinny
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  5. 5. be very thin
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be very thin

I hate my body so much. My fat swamps my entire body and I hate it.
5’‘2 111 pounds. can anyone be my weightloss buddy? anyone with similar goals and need someone to talk to. thaanks x

get skinny

No offence but 875 cals is alot for one day…I only have 300-350 and the worst is 570 and then I felt so sick…you have to have low cals if you dont purge and I dont so I have a few tips if you want them-
apple crisps only 40 cals for a packet
orbit sugarfree gum-5 cals per gum

The main cals I get are from my parents making me eat dinner! thats were they come from. So I dont just pig out all day…

X Olivia X


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