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Redpoint an adv. men's final problem
My boss helped me create a cool climbing goal

In three months I would like to be fluidly climbing high intermediate problems controlled and fluidly. I want to be explosive in cruxy areas, focused and unwavering. I would like to improve my flexibility to make moves like hand foot matches strong and reliable. Climbing is my re-introduction to being physically fit since my back injury. I’m excited!

Fix my back or move on (read all 3 entries…)
As fixed as its going to be

Its been about three months since my back surgery and I can note some improvement. Its not fully healed, but it never will be. I have degenerative disc disease. Feels bad man…

For now I am trying to live it large, and do everything as if there was no pain. The doctor said I have little risk of injuring it more, from regular sports and activities, so I plan to make the most of my otherwise healthy body.

I am currently in BC going hiking, climbing and exploring (with a little help from some regular pain killers).

I’m glad to finally mark this one off my list.

Scrum Half in a senoir League (read all 4 entries…)
Time to let go..

Its time for me to admit that this goal is not going to happen. That’s ok. There are so many things I want to do in this world that I’m not going to let myself get down about not being able to complete this goal.
Its my third year in university, the surgeon who was going to do surgery retired, and left me with no replacement doctor, and I feel like I’m back to square one.
My back is so bad, that they suggest I never play rugby again. At first I was obviously not ok with this at all, but now I am ready to admit my strengths and weaknesses. Besides, is playing rugby for a few years really worth not being able to play catch, or wrestle with my future children? Of course not. I’m giving up on this goal.

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