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How to do karaoke
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1 day
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How to fall in love
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3 years
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Read Bible everyday
Need His guidance for this.

For a year or more…..
I will try to read His words everyday.
I hope I can ignore some distraction and read more at a time or more in a day. More importantly I hope this will take me close to His words and strengthen me.

Every day upon waking up spend a few minutes in bed smiling, breathing deeply, and creating my day, and then giving thanks for being alive and praying that God's will, not mine be done for realz!
Sounds Simple

But to do this core every day???
I’m sure everyone who manage doing this would be healthier and happier.
So I’m going to do this challenge, besides I have promised myself: ‘Thy will be done, not mine’

blog regularly
I wish I were a writer

I wish I were an extroverted person
I wish I were not bored with my own words
Ok…here’s the real reason….
I wish I were not easily distracted.
Poor blog of mine…
Don’t worry…I will try my best now that I’m writing this on 43things!
Wish my blog luck! :-P

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