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lose 2 stone

i was about ten & a half stone this time last year, then i met my now ex-boyfriend, and he lost a stone & i put a stone & a half on while we were together.
i’m just under 5’6”, and i now weigh 12 stone, which is a steady weight, but i’m not happy with it. although in clothes i’ve only gone from being a small 14 to large 14 (all my clothes still fit, where did the weight go on?!), and i don’t look big as i’m well proportioned, i really feel the extra weight, i don’t feel as fit as i did!
last time i lost a lot of weight i cut out pasta & mayo & walked my dogs seperately so i was covering 6-8 miles a day. i’m going to do that again, but as i love good food, i’m adding the “french paradox plan” to it, eating 25% less than i do now, but not cutting out the good stuff :) (my mum cooks everything from scratch, so i eat healthily, just too much).

clean out my car

i had to do it because i had to scrap it. now starting with another clean car, and trying to keep it that way!

Do my tax return (read all 2 entries…)

did it. Then got a 200 quid bill. bugger!

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