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Collect yaoi manga
I <3 yaoi!

I love everything about it. And to the people who say it’s gross or wrong, guess what? Nobody’s making you read it. More for the rest of us who have good taste!

claim my life back
I hope everyone here heals

I had been dating this guy for 10 months, who told me on our first date that he’d like to wait for marriage before anything like sex. I later learned of what a controlling person he was. This time, while driving me home from a date, he took a “back way home”. There weren’t any lights or houses, and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. He kept trying to get me to do things, and I just cried and said no. At first, you think you’re strong enough that you can fight back, but you soon realize just how powerful humans are when they’re got a horrible goal in mind. After awhile I just sat there and let him. The damage had already been done. I figured after that we were over, but he still tried to call me, acting like nothing had happened. Even now, 8 months after us being broken up, he still calls me. Never underestimate someone who isn’t quite stable. My heart goes out to the other people who have been victims. Don’t be afraid to speak out like I was!

Become a Famous singer
This is the same dream millions have.

I want it just as desperately. My problem with singers today is that they sing about random junk or have terrible voices, and are only famous for being cute. I want to burst forth and show the world something it hasn’t seen before. It’s not about the money; it’s about the love of doing it, and seeing people cheer just for you after you’ve finished. It’s you crying backstage because you conquered your fear, and you’re too happy to speak. It’s getting an encore when no one else did.

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