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grasp this little detail, this spark that will make me jump and see how to handle the Whole Stuff
The Spark?

Maybe there is no spark, maybe you just have to live every day, to be inspired by life. For me i must say what gets me going is philosophy, maybe that is my spark. But in the end i believe its not the discovery that matters but the journey, it is philosophy that gets me started though..

wake up when my alarm clock goes off
A gadget to help

While i dont want to advertise I have to say I found a (rather sophisticated) alarm clock that has helped me out.. its called sleeptracker if you know it.
Basically what it does is that it monitors your sleep cycles during the night and it starts ringing when you are sleeping very lightly or are almost awake. That way it’s a lot less stressful and you aren’t all dazed and drowsy when you get up… It is really helpfull

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