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How to use my bike for transportation purposes
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build a chicken coop
I have no idea what im doing...

Today I started the frame for the run area, which is enought to fit about 30 chickens, so my 10 should be planty happy with the space. Really don’t know what I’m doing, so I’m just winging it. For most people, I’m sure it would be sad to get as little done as I did. But I feel good about the progress since I had to make 3 runs to the hardware store for stuff I didn’t know I would need.

Clean out my garage
It's a dirty job.

My wife and I spent yesterday afternoon working on this one. I can’t say we’re finished…. but we got most of it done. It looks a lot better and it feels good to have the space.

work at CPA's office
Part of the Plan

Here in the state of Utah, you must have 2,000 hours working for a CPA before you can take the CPA exam.

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