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ride in a hot air balloon

This was a LOT of fun, and just wanted to share some photos of our ride with Above Tampa. With the gift certificates purchased on eBay, came out to only about $65 per person average (much lower than retail prices), and we were able to use this in several hundred locations across the nation. We chose to go in FL, but had enough left over to give my parents a trip, probably will be in NJ. Half the fun, I think, was watching them set up, and learning about how they use the winds & different altitudes to their advantage. Wish we had a longer trip!

Adrenaline junkies

Definitely worth a trip up into the clear blue yonder! You’ll get that stomach-all-in-knots feeling if it’s your first time, especially those last minute cold feet while they are pushing you out the door of a tiny plane. But nothing beats that rush as you go down, descending hundreds of feet in a few seconds; doesn’t end until you pull the cord (and I had a moment of anxiety of having trouble finding the cord). Or maybe, for some, when you touch both feet down on terra ferma again. Either way, even if you are afraid of heights, it’s a once in a lifetime experience you won’t want to miss!

Swim in a bioluminescent bay
Awesome experience from last week.

Just got back from Bioluminescence Bay in Puerto Rico. It was a long bus ride there from our cruise ship, but it was well worth it. After a beautiful 2 mile kayak down a narrow marsh, the water around our boats and paddles started to flash like fireworks. They allowed us to get out of our kayaks for about 20 min in, which wasn’t nearly enough. Water was clear and almost bathtub warm, and the glowing of the dinoflagellates followed all the movements of our arms and legs… kind of like a dream still. Way too little time to enjoy it; we had to paddle back then. I would highly recommend it to anyone contemplating going to one of the 4 spots where this unique phenomenom exists (on a regular basis), and I would recommend going with someone you love. Really does inspire some magical moments, unfortunately difficult to capture on a camera. Just have a photo from before the kayak trip began.


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