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Today, I will be honest and clear in all my communication.

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learn to slackline (read all 11 entries…)
9.6.13 (#7)

I went to my usual spot today and practiced after watching some videos on tips for slacklining. One thing I wasn’t doing was holding my hands high enough – basically over my head. I tried with the new technique and it was hard! I guess I had taught myself to balance with my arms down low, and changing how I held my arms threw me off. I could stand on one foot for quite a while, but two feet was not as easy. And I couldn’t really get three steps in. Still, I did well with balance on one foot – better than I have been doing so I can tell this method works better.

My left knee is acting up so I spent most of the time balancing on my right foot. I stopped after 30 minutes or so because I didn’t want to aggravate my knee. And it was very hot today. I also started out barefoot, which is less enjoyable for me since the narrow line bothers my feet. After putting my shoes on, I did better. Looks like I am a shoe wearing slackliner. :)

Create my BEST year EVER in 2013! (read all 15 entries…)

This website is kind of like 43Things, except the idea is you make a promise to someone and write out the promise on a card. Then you give the card to the person you made the promise to. When you complete the promise, you ask for your card back. The idea is you then can see how many promises you have kept.

Alex, the founder, started with 52 resolutions for the year. Each week he picks one out of a hat and completes that promise/goal that week. I am taking his idea, and modifying it for me. To make 2013 my BEST year EVER, I am making cards for the remainder of the year, which I will select randomly each week. Then I will accomplish that goal for me. For ME!

Time to print out the cards and start working on my goals/promises. There are 18 weeks (counting this week) left.

18 goals/promises to keep that will make my life better. It will take some thought to determine what exactly will make my life better, and how to put that in a goal or promise.

cook (read all 8 entries…)

For some reason I was watching YouTube videos last night and got hooked on shrimp recipes. So today I went shopping to buy ingredients for a garlic shrimp dinner. This may be the second time I have ever cooked shrimp, and I think the heat was too high. The shrimp ended up tasting fine. I could have added more paprika and hot sauce, but they were fine. The garlic got very brown, and I could have used less butter. Still for a quick dinner it was OK. Next time I shall batter the shrimp with a thin batter to hold the sauce.

I still have some raw shrimp for another attempt at a shrimp recipe.

learn to slackline (read all 11 entries…)
9.4.13 (Lesson #6)

My usual place in the park was not available because of the Farmer’s market so I went to my alternate location to practice. The tree and light pole are farther apart here so the line was more wobbly. I did well, I had trouble walking because of the wobble in the line. However I could get up and stand on two feet for quite a while. That felt good to accomplish! Once I get my usual place back I am sure that I will be able to walk the line. Then I can work on a longer line with more wobble. :)

today's goals (read all 64 entries…)
Change my life in a week - Day 5

More work in the backyard today. I finally have the dog run figured out and cleaned the patio to finish the installation. I may need some help getting it constructed since working with the chain link may be problematic for one person. Still, this is major progress.

I spent some time this evening working in the front yard, cleaning up and fixing some small things that needed attention. It was got again today but cooled off nicely once the sun went down. I have more cleaning to do in the house later tonight. It was too hot to vacuum earlier today so I will vacuum later tonight. And there are more papers to sort. Lots more papers. :(

For my life changes, I talked with a friend at work today who I haven’t spoken with in a year. We caught up on things and made some vague plans to do some fun activities later this year. I also went to the park to practice slacklining. I passed some of the local horse trails and realized that I need to lease a horse because this has been on my “life list” since I moved here years ago. Time to stop thinking and start doing!!

My garden needs love. I should get a community plot later this year (I need to check the list). Then I can grow my own veggies and eat real fresh food! That also has been on my life list.

Today at least it was very easy to take care of tasks that needed to get done. No discussion, no procrastination, just start and finish the task. Sweet! I hope this is a sign of my new life because it makes it so much easier to get things done when I don’t have an ongoing argument with myself. :)

It has been a productive day!

today's goals (read all 64 entries…)
Change my life day 4

It is really hot and humid so the cats are all acting up. I did get outside and work in the backyard for a while. I am finally getting the “dog run” put up for my cats. I need to add a roof so they can’t get out, and figure out exactly where it goes. I think I have the location determined after putting the door in this evening. (I bought it used and couldn’t figure out how the door worked. It slides on two supports – oh, that wasn’t obvious.)

Trying to get my list of items for the yard, including a light for the front yard. This should make the trip to the hardware store useful without being too taxing. I do hope it cools of some tomorrow. It is nice outside at night, just hot in the house once the sun goes down. I would like to go camping because then I could enjoy the cool evenings.

face my fears (read all 27 entries…)
When I put off a task, I need to figure out what I am afraid of.

If I find that I am procrastinating on a task, I want/need to look at the situation and understand what it is I am afraid of. If it isn’t fear, then I need to understand what emotion I am feeling that is making me not take action.

Part of me says, “This is difficult. I don’t want to think about everything in my life.” Have I been running on autopilot for so long that it is easier to not understand my behaviors? Yes, however that leaves me exactly where I am right now.

What am I running from?

stop worrying about what other people think (read all 51 entries…)
Not too worry...

I can see how much progress I have made on this goal, and it makes me happy. Time and again there are situations where previously I might have wondered, or worried, what people were thinking. Not any more. I just observe and move on. I am no longer concerned about what someone may think of me when I am just living.

cook (read all 8 entries…)
Salad, yum!

It is too hot to cook in my kitchen, so I made a wonderful salad with fruit, cheese, and nuts. Yummy. I consider this cooking because I had to assemble the ingredients. It was homemade, not store bought. And it hit the spot on a hot August night.

I should get some salad ideas and print them out so I can stock up on the items when I go to the store. This is a good way for me to get lots of fruit and veggies in my diet.

Raise my Standards (read all 8 entries…)
Putting things in perspective

I went shopping at an outlet mall with a couple of friends this weekend. And through all the sales, I was surprised at how inexpensive clothes can be. A pair of Levi’s for $11. A pair of capris for about the same price. Two dresses for $50. And a caramel apple for $5.50.

Wait, the apple cost half the price of a pair of jeans? Really? OK it was a treat, but why should an apple with some sugar cost half the price of clothes? More to the point, how did we ever get to a place where clothes can cost less than a dinner?

No wonder people have so many things (myself included). I did buy one pair of jeans at the full price, that I may return. (I almost bought them on sale at Sears a while ago, and didn’t. So I didn’t want to miss out this time.) Other than that, I tried to stay away from buying things just because they were on sale. And it was difficult because almost EVERYTHING was on sale.

Am I so caught up in getting things for a “great” price that I forget what their true value should be? Time to think about what value really means.

today's goals (read all 64 entries…)
Change my life in a week - Day 3

1. Change my attitude so that I am positive and happy. I woke up in a good mood and worked at keeping my good mood throughout the day. There are moments when the cats annoy me or something happens that catches me off guard. I try to get back to looking at the positive aspects as soon as I notice I have ventured off course.

2. Change my home surroundings into a clean and organized home. Papers! I have boxes of papers in the house. Time to sit and go through a box, getting rid of what I no longer need, filing what I need to keep, and putting some back in the box because I am not sure what to do with it at this time. I did spend an hour plus on the back patio this morning, and made a lot of progress getting it cleaner. There are still things that need to be done but it is neat, and I can see that I need to come up with a new plan for the entire back yard.

Also vacuumed several rooms, did some laundry, and cleaned out the fridge. Little steps are showing progress.

3. Change how I dress so that I am satisfied with whatever I wear.

4. Complete those nagging tasks that have been hanging over my head for years Taxes and my dissertation top the list. A new battery for the HD. Get the permits for the front fence. Buy the light for the walkway. Get the vehicle serviced. And get my blood tests done. This list has a lot to do. I need to start making a dent in it.

5. Fun things each week – This week I want to go to the movies, and watch a football game. I was going to attend the UCLA opener at the Rose Bowl on August 31. It was really hot and humid so I opted for the easy out and stayed home. The game went quite late, so I am glad I didn’t go – though I could have left early if I wanted.

6. Change what I believe about specific topics – This entails learning new information, thinking about what I currently believe, and why I believe it. I read a book over the weekend that was a real eye opener for me. It was the diary of a young boy that was written from 1886 on. There were a lot of statements in the book that I noted that need more research, or a lot of thought. I am currently reading another book that has a lot to do with how we think, and what we believe. Again, there is plenty to mull over as I read the book.

learn to slackline (read all 11 entries…)
9.2.13 (#5)

It has been several weeks since I practiced slacklining and today was a lovely hot day so I headed to the park. It was empty – kind of surprising on holiday, and a lovely day at that. I setup my line and decided that I should be able to walk a few steps today.

My balance was very good standing still on one foot, and two feet. I was pleased that my body/mind remembered how to balance. I visualized taking two steps and then got on the line. I relaxed (after working on relaxing for the past 30 minutes), and walked forward! Yes! Steps without holding on to the tree. :)

I kept visualizing that I could walk forward, and then tried 3 steps. Success! It is actually a bit easier to use the momentum to keep my balance as long as I could place my feet properly. I finally got up to taking 5 steps! It was so great to actually walk on the line and know that I was in control. Sure, I still lost my balance at times, but the fact that I can now take steps on the line, and know that I am balanced is HUGE progress!

Today I graduated from learning to actually being able to slackline. Sure, I may be at the very start of the learning curve. That’s fine. I now KNOW that I can walk on the line, and that will accelerate my continued progress.

today's goals (read all 64 entries…)
9.1.13 - 9.8.13 Change my life in one week!

I have a week off of work and I want to CHANGE MY LIFE! Change my life means:

Change my attitude so that I am positive and happy
Change my home surroundings into a clean and organized home
Change how I dress so that I am satisfied with whatever I wear
Complete those nagging tasks that have been hanging over my head for years
Change how I spend my spare time so I am doing fun things each week

Change what I believe about specific topics (in progress)

There is more. There always is. Mostly I want to get my life back on track to a life that is balanced, exciting, rewarding, and worthwhile.

I can do this in one week by concentrating on what needs to change and making those shifts.

Make someone smile every day for 30 days (read all 45 entries…)
8.28.13 McDs

For some reason the customers were all very happy. The way the order line and pickup line are setup, people can’t figure out which line you are in. (Poor design, but it gets people talking.) While I waited for my food, I spoke to every customer who entered the store to let them know which line I was in. And every person rewarded me with a big smile!

It was beautiful! :)

Raise my Standards (read all 8 entries…)
Fast food... Time to raise my standards!

Over the past few months I have noticed that my body does not want me to eat fast food. This is good because the nutritional value is poor for most of the items. However it also means that when I only have a few minutes to get some food, that my options are limited. I did eat at McDs today, and I ordered a BLT burger without cheese, and extra onions. Because it was fresh it tasted much better.

Still I can tell that I should have eaten something healthier. I need to go to the store and buy some food I can keep at work in case I need to grab something in a hurry. Or better yet, I should make sure that I actually go to lunch each day.

Time to raise my standards about the food I put into my body.

list three positive things each day (read all 227 entries…)
8.28.13 Three things

My neighbors were out this evening, and we had a nice long talk. And I managed to borrow some pills for my cat from one neighbor! I want to see if these pills will help my cat, who has been losing a lot of weight recently.

I had a productive meeting at work. In an hour we managed to work through a process and identify the missing data elements needed to improve the process. Productive meetings always make me happy! :)

I received a book I ordered and there was a really nice note included with the book! One thing I enjoy about bookstores, real bookstores, is you can talk with the people about the book you are thinking about buying. The note mentioned that the book was a “great read”! How nice is that?

Create my BEST year EVER in 2013! (read all 15 entries…)
I am making progress on this goal.

I think that I always want some huge revelation to prove to myself that I am doing something different. That somehow I will suddenly be incredibly happy, or get a great new job, or buy a new house to prove that I am creating my BEST year EVER! Truthfully, when I read my goals I can see that I am creating a wonderful year – the year I find my inner strength, fix my health, understand the world, and feel comfortable just being me. (Not that I haven’t done these things in the past. People change, and sometimes we need a life tune-up to readjust to the changes.)

My BEST year to date? Probably when I was in my 20s and I was free to travel in Europe or Australia, and do what I wanted. Those were awesome years. (Though I also know that my self esteem needed improvement.) They were wonderful years in terms of adventure. I have fantastic memories of scuba diving on the Great Barrier reef, visiting the Outback. Spending time in Sydney. Living in England and France. Visiting the major cities in Europe, and being totally free. Answering to no one, making my own decisions.

I also remember not doing things I wanted to because I was afraid. Or spending time waiting for approval from other people. And not pushing myself because it was difficult. Taking the easy way out because I lacked the confidence to prove to myself that I could do it. Externally I was living the good life. Internally, there was room for improvement.

This will be my best year, because it is the year that I look inside myself and accept what I find. Change the things I no longer want, and open up parts of me to the world that have been hidden for years. What could be better than that?

Raise my Standards (read all 8 entries…)
Let's start with how clean I keep my house.

It is cluttered! Throwing out paper seems to be a challenge for me. I have receipts from grocery stores, gas stations, etc. all sitting on the table waiting for me to file them. Why? I do check the receipt when I buy things, however I rarely return items (especially to grocery stores), so why do I keep the receipts like they are dollar bills? And filing them just means they now clutter a filing cabinet. I need to review them and then throw them away!

Junk mail? Better but I keep all the coupons for fast food places in case I eat there. Why? Because maybe I will save a dollar on a shake at Jack-in-the-box? I don’t order shakes. So who am I fooling? In my case a penny saved means 1 pound of papers sitting on the table waiting for that saved penny. Time to get rid of papers and only deal with the papers I actually need!

list three positive things each day (read all 227 entries…)
8.27.13 3 Good things!

I rode the scooter for the first time after replacing the front brake pads, and I can stop!! Yippee! Seriously, it was a bit ridiculous how bad the brakes were. I need to be more aware that while the scooter is fun to ride, I do expect it to stop quickly.

I joined some coworkers for lunch after missing several weeks. It was nice to see them again and catch up on what has been going on in their lives.

We had weather today! This morning the sky was full of glorious clouds because of the humidity that has been hanging around. I never thought much about clouds before, unless there were some great big cumulonimbus clouds over the mountains threatening rain. Now I am in love with small, fluffy cumulous clouds that look like sheep walking across the sky. They provide contrast to the blue sky, and the way the sunlight changes them reminds me of the Grand Canyon (only I am looking up instead of down).

I am now a cloud fan. Who would have thought?

learn to communicate with animals (read all 29 entries…)
Ask the question, and then "feel" like you know the answer.

This came from tips on how to develop your intuition, which is using your subconscious mind, which is how I was taught to communicate with animals. I am trying this approach, though it is hard to tell how well it is working. I will ask my cat what he needs to get better, and then put myself in a feeling that I already know, and act off the impressions I get.

Being a more logical minded person, this is a bit challenging for me. I do know that one day I will be able to communicate with animals easily. I just need to trust that I am doing so already, and start acting on my intuition.

(I will add that I am getting a lot more information about the emotions my cats are feeling when I observe them. I can tell if they are acting out of fear, anger, jealousy, etc., a lot easier. I just “know” what they are feeling, and often comment on it to them. “Oh, you are sitting on the perch because you want to go in the room, and you are afraid that Kona will attack you when you go through the living room.”

As I wrote the previous paragraph it dawned on me that I trust my intuition when I observe their behavior, so why am I not trusting my intuition when I ask a question?? Hello, PasadenaSue!

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