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102 and counting

This is great. When I first added this to my list last year I thought a couple of people might add it to theirs and a few more might join the MPH and One campaigns. I pretty much figured that this would drop off the bottom of people’s lists this year, but it hasn’t, and were still growing!

Over 100 of us worldwide are still up for this, plus thousands of others who haven’t found 43 things yet ;) – keep up the pressure on your governments people.

If you’re in the UK, why not join People and Planet, Speak, or one of the other Trade Justice Movement members?

buy a wind turbine
But where to put it?

I’ll need to buy (or build) a house to attach it to.

Of course energy efficiency is better than energy generation, so insulation and energy efficient appliances come higher up the list of priorities.

start a blog

Now I just need to keep it up to date…

...I’m already behind.

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