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I joined Advicenators and created my very own free advice column recently. I enjoy that I can customize my own advice column to my liking and uploaded my photo of choice. I like to help others and this really gives me the opportunity to share my opinions :)

Check it out:

Share 43 of my favorite websites
#1 for me: Advicenators

I just can’t get enough of the Advicenators website. The link is:

Pretty much you create your own free advice column and start asking and answering questions. It has been really neat because I am able to give other teens free advice and know that I am useful. There are questions about everything and they are taken seriously—none of those stupid remarks made by users at sites such as Yahoo! Answers.

Anyway, my first favorite site is Advicenators, by far. :)

Join Curves
Curves for women!

I joined my local Curves on June 16, 2008, hoping to improve my health. I am obese and extremely inactive. I know I need to do something to get my heart healthier before years slip by and I’m in a state in which I cannot do anything about it. Being healthy is my main goal. I want to be able to LIVE and feel beautiful doing it.

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