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How to weekly Goal by next Mon March 10th: exercise regularly and make healthy food.
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How to maintain a healthy relationship with df where we help each other grow into healthier people.
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How to have a stable July.
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this is more of a long term thing and we just have to get to know each other before it happens. part of me just wants to rush into it and have kids while i still can. i will be 33 in may… so part of me is like, let’s get married NOW and pop out a baby. but that might not be the best plan. we need to have financial security. I mean, i think you can have a baby pretty much in your 30’s okay… but it’s easier in your 20’s for sure. once you hit your 40’s you’re over.

so i’m 33 now… it’s tempting to get married right away but maybe it’s better to spend a year getting to know each other… that’s what he wants anyways… and i could get pregnant at age 35? I don’t know. we’ll see where i am at that age, where we are in our lives, if we have any money, if i have any independence from my mom.

get a job (read all 12 entries…)

i applied at a retail store yesterday, which hopefully will be okay. i also recently subsribed to the subreddit /tales from retail… so there’s that.

anyways i know someone who works there and he said he would recommend me… so we’ll see.

it’s not a high end and probably won’t pay that much but here’s hoping.

Put medicine on foot every day this week.

i need to buy a wart stick. these things have just been the bane of my life, they refuse to go away.

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