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dye my hair purple (read all 2 entries…)
Used Manic Panic Lie Locks

I compared this color to ultra violet and I have to tell you, Lie Locks is brighter and lighter than ultra violet. This color rocks, unfortunately you can only order this lilac color online at either Amazon or the main Manic Panic website.

Like always, I used a 30 volume bleach from Manic Panic and left it on for 20 minutes and it turned a bright yellow blond. I then applied the dye and let it sit for three hours. After drying it, this bright purple was the result.

Lie locks wins for the brightest purple made by manic panic.

Dye my hair black (read all 2 entries…)
Neutral Black Is My Favorite

Okay I’ve tried this before with dark brown hair dye but tried a neutral black hair dye. It is permanent and it turned out perfectly. I think anyone who wants to go this color must be aware that black is a color that will not come out without leaving your hair begging for suicide, that’s just how damaging it is in order to get ride of it XD

I love black, because it makes my purple lipstick and piercings pop.

Dye my hair green
Time Consuming, Stubborn, and so WORTH IT!!!!!!!

I had to bleach out my pink hair with Manic Panic’s bleach kit in 30vol. I also purchased Manic Panic’s Electric Lizard for the green dye. The green is difficult to achieve perfectly. If your hair is not light enough then the color will turn out really murky and nasty looking. My hair was near white when I applied the color. Just like with my bright pink, bright green needs to bee left on the hair for at least four hours or more for it to really stick. So if you are going to do this, I say pick a day that you have absolutely nothing to do for coloring your hair. It while be a long process but the results if done right, are beautiful and fun. This color is UV sensitive, so it will glow under a blacklight.

dye my hair pink
Cotton Candy Pink, ROCKS!!!!

I did try Manic Panic’s Hot Hot Pink but it was more a magenta color than a really bright hot pink. So I went for Cotton Candy Pink for a second time. I didn’t really have the confidence then than I do now, that’s why I didn’t keep it the first time.

I have to say that achieving this color is more difficult, because you have to reach a very pale yellow in order for it to work. It glows under blacklight (I wish I own one so I can show it).

Pink was my worse enemy for a long time. I laugh at the fact that it’s now sitting on my head with glee XD

get an industrial piercing
Beautiful Piercing

It did hurt but for the what it is worth. It is wonderful.

get my lip pierced
Vertical Labret

For Christmas my father purchased for my vertical labret. I love this style of lip piercing. After getting my eyebrow and nose done for my 20th birthday, my parents are very relaxed about my whole style, from my make-up to my piercings. I guess they don’t have to worry about their ‘little girl’ dealing with high school dress codes. I am so happy to in college XD

Well back to lip piercings.

I think if you want it be sure that this is the piercing you are ready to take care of. Your lip is the most noticeable feature on the face. People will ask and judge. Ask long as you know what makes you happy, I say go for it. Life is too short to worry about what others think about piercings. I always hear people say lip piercing or piercings in general are trashy.


Piercings DO NOT make a person TRASHY!

A person MAKES themselves TRASHY!

get my eyebrow pierced
A Lovely Addition

Just like my nose piercing, my eyebrow was a 20th birthday present from my mom and dad. Normally people get their right eyebrow pierced, well I went for the left since my nose ring was on the right side.

Eyebrow piercings are amongst my favorite to look at. I like seeing facial piercings in general. The pain factor does vary person to person. In my opinion my nose stung a lot more than this one.

get a nose piercing
Love it !

Every piercing on my face and ears has a meaning. I got this done for my 20th birthday back in August. I always wanted to get it done but I didn’t want the stud. My mother has one but nah, it wasn’t for me. So I went and got the hoop.

The pain factor wasn’t bad…compared to my industrial.

Most people get nose piercings on the left. I wanted to get it done on the right :D

get a vertical labret piercing
Best Lip Piercing For Braces

I always wanted a lip piercing but I got my braces way back in June 2010. So after searching different lip styles. I came across the vertical labret. I fell in love with it. The bets thing about this piercing is, it is pierced on the lip and never touches the inside of your mouth.

So if you have braces and want a lip piercing. i recommend this one.

dye my hair purple (read all 2 entries…)
Back to Violet

After trying every color for 2010. I had damaged my hair to the point that there was no reason to keep it on my head. So I cut it all off. I didn’t really care, hair is hair, it will grow back. And it did, really fast. On New Years day, I went out bought Manic Panic’s 30 vol bleach and Ultra Violet dye from the same company. I love this color so much.

After the many colors I had, I finally found ‘the one’. Who knew it would have ended up being bright purple :) I recommend this color for all the people who like bright purple.

Dye my hair black (read all 2 entries…)
Not What I Expected

I wanted to dye my hair dark brown, well the dye went way too dark and came out black. I’m okay with that. It came out pretty. I left the dye on for thirty-five minutes and the results were perfect. Permanent black sticks to a person’s hair like glue and unless removed with a color remover, it won’t fade out dramatically, no matter how many times you shampoo it. So if you’re a person who likes to change their hair constantly, please do not go black. It’s a pain to get out. If you want to go black like I accidentally did XD I say go for it. Black will always be that sophisticated hair color that goes with almost everything.

dye my hair turquoise
Perfect Color!

I did this two weeks ago. I was done having red hair for the month of October. So I wanted to go back to my classic color, Turquoise. I bleached my hair with a 30 vol Manic Panic Flash Lightening. Left it on for thirty minutes. It turned my hair pale yellow, so I was ready to wash it out and put the dye on. Using Manic Panic’s Atomic Turquoise, it came out perfectly. A lot better than the first time I did it, ironically back in October 2009.

This color is a lot different than red. If you are not accustomed to a wild color like this, than I would not recommend anyone doing it if they are uncomfortable with stares and random questioning.

With that said. I say anyone who wants Turquoise hair…GO FOR IT! :)

Wear an ao dai
Worth Wearing!

I’ve been wearing East Asian and SouthEast Asian clothing since I was a little girl. Honestly I like the Ao Dai (Vietnamese) better than the Qipao (Chinese) dress. You get to wear pants underneath the dress and it comes with a beautiful hat.

dye my hair bright red
Loving The Red

I used Manic Panic’s WildFire. First I bleached my hair with Manic Panic’s Flash Lightening in 30vol. Left it on for thirty minutes then washed it out. I dyed my whole head and left the dye on for four hours. It’s okay to leave MP dyes on for extended time, the longer the more vibrant.

Never cared for red until now.

I love it so much!

dye my hair red.
Manic Panic WildFire

I never wanted to do red. I didn’t like the whole process of redying, because red fades the fastest out of all the unnatural colors I’ve had (green, purple and pink). Since I did all the colors, minus blue…I just don’t want that color.

I went through all of Panic Manic’s colors. I wanted a red with a orange (Infra Red or WildFire)under tone rather than a pink (Pillarbox or Rock n Roll Red). Going with WildFire (a very bright red that glows under blacklight)I prepared my hair for coloring.

My hair has already been bleached to a pale yellow from using Manic Panic’s Flash Lightening in 30vol, so the color would be very vibrant once I was done.

Leaving it on for four hours, red doesn’t need a lot of processing time for the dye to stick. A couple of hours like two would be okay. I just tend to leave it on for a long time and if you decide to do that than it’s okay, Since MP is a semi-permanent color and made up of vegetable dyes, it is not capable of harming your hair.

Now that your hair is done. There is one last thing left to do. Flaunt it with confidence. Bright neon reds and other unnatural colors are very different and people are drawn to that and will either stare, ask questions or comment. Whether it is good or bad this is your hair and shouldn’t take their criticism to heart.

Enjoy having red hair if that is the path you desire to go down :)



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