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joie de vivre

Here, now and until the end

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go to shul (read all 19 entries…)
It's been a while
It was great to go. It’s worth going because of
  • singing
  • meditation
  • feeling calmer, more centered
  • community

No dancing this time, but you can’t have dancing maybe every time.

My song for this service was Al Tira, from Isaiah 41:10.

Al tira ki im’cha ani
אַל-תִּירָא כִּי עִמְּךָ-אָנִי
Don’t be afraid for I am with you; and above all, do not fear.

Afterwards, I rode my bike from shul down the hill to downtown. I didn’t mind waiting a half an hour for the bus, as I must have just missed the previous one. It was pleasant to be downtown at night. A lot of people were on the street this summer evening.

The bus came, and I loaded my bike, and then unloaded, just like yesterday, at Microsoft. This time, though, two hours later in the day, it was dark. No tents being taken down after a corporate event. No developers scurrying around. No young men playing shirts-and-skins soccer. Just the sh-sh-sh sound of the sprinklers keeping the grass green. A security cart humming by. After I left Corporate Campus, the street were quiet. The stars were out. I rode through the silent dark, a little cooler as I crossed the ravine by the park, back to the house.

celebrate lammas
Happy Lammas!

Today is Lammas, a holiday in the pagan calendar which we have largely lost. (Compare to our culture’s massive Halloween observance; and we do at least note May Day and Groundhog’s Day in some fashion). But I want to celebrate Lammas in particular today, because I found out that there is something called Lammas growth or Lammas flush. It’s a renewed growth that happens in mature trees, in some species, occurring at this time of the year. A flush of fresh growth in a mature tree.

This is me – I am feeling my own Lammas growth these days. Are you, too? Happy Lammas to all of us mature trees, putting out new green in the second half of the summer of our lives.

buy a condo (read all 14 entries…)

I rode up to the bus stop by Microsoft, and put my bike on the bus – got the last slot on the rack. Traffic was abysmal, but at least I was not having to drive in it. I pulled the bike off the rack, and headed up the hill. I stopped into the tavern that’s the closest to my unit. I was the only woman in the place at first. I got a Rainier and a roast beef sandwich that was surprisingly tasty.

Then I went over to the co-op’s garden and met all the other residents. I gave a brief bio and we had some q and a and some conversation. I got voted in. One more thing over towards moving into my new life.

Then, since it was such a lovely evening, I didn’t ride straight home. I rode by Volunteer Park, then meandered through Interlaken, on a paved road closed to motor vehicle traffic. Finally, I dropped down to Montlake and loaded my bike on a bus going back.

The bridge was closed for boat traffic. The bus driver let us out, so we sat on the bridge. The lake was rippling in the breeze. We looked at Mt. Rainier, its glaciers sparkling and etched against the early evening summer sky. Then we all piled back on the bus.

After we crossed the bridge and rode down the highway, I took the bike off the bus, and pedalled in the waning daylight through Corporate Campus. Then down the hill to home.

go to Boise (read all 2 entries…)
Leaving Saturday, early

I’m going to sell our old car to my cousin’s wife’s goddaughter. So instead of driving my new one, I’m driving the old one to Boise. If she buys it, then I’ll fly back home.

give 30,000 cheers!!! (read all 6 entries…)
too many deletions

With the impending closure of the site, I am giving up on all my meta goals. This one is particularly difficult, because too many people have deleted their accounts, and I am rowing backwards at this point.

go on a 43t anti-spam rampage (read all 45 entries…)
please for the love of god

Let’s get this guy off the site before it’s frozen:

please, please, please report this scumbag.


deal with my divorce with grace and mindfulness
Even though the site is shutting down in a couple of weeks

I’ve been thinking about adding this goal – just in muddle about the exact wording.

I put it up here now, though, because …well, I was on the phone with the insurance company, getting the new car covered. While I was doing this, my husband was raging around the house. He could not find something he needed for the day. He was yelling and cursing very loudly. Since it is summer, and all our doors and windows are open, I felt embarrassed – everyone in the neighborhood, and of course the insurance agent on the phone, could hear him. Finally, he drove away. I don’t know if he found what he was looking for or not. I am so glad he has left the house and has gone on his way.

When I was done with my conversation with the insurance company, I walked into the kitchen. On the floor was our large cast-iron skillet. It was broken. This startled me. It takes a lot to break a cast-iron skillet. I put it in the garbage.

So far, things have been going OK. We are working with a mediator, and both of us have been acting like grown-ups. But the broken skillet frightened me a little.

For the first several years of our marriage, I told people that I had never seen him angry. This was true until we had kids. Then he would sometimes rage and kick holes in the walls of our house. We have several patches on walls. There’s two sections of sheet rock that need repair right now.

Well, while I was typing this, he drove back to the house. Frankly, I was a little frightened to see him. However, I guess there was something else he forgot, which he returned to get. He started off with an accusation that I had moved/hidden this item, but it was on the shelf where he always keeps it.

I’m still sort of feeling stressed out by all of this.

record my dreams (read all 34 entries…)

It was like I was in high school, but it was me in the teenage body. There were a collection of guys, and they were expected to ask us to dance. I saw the one who lived around the corner from my house, tall, with feathered hair…I decided to walk away, because I didn’t want the humiliation of him not asking me, or of him feeling obligated to ask me. I turned away, but then someone else asked me. He was short, hairy, with a jewfro and absurd 1977 stashe. I said sure. He had not a clue how to do a ballrom style dance, but I didn’t want to embarrass him by leading, so I let him awkwardly galumph around the room. When we were in a far corner, I somewhat assertively kissed him, and he had this look of amazement when we were done. I thought maybe he had never kissed a girl before, not like that, and laughed to myself.

Other parts of this long long dream:
Talking about the nature of prayer in a hot tub, two those two guys. One seemed to act like even thinking about prayer made him uncomfortable.

The weird, faceless, featureless blob people, condemned to death, who were working as slave labor before their executions in the meat packing industry.

More, but despite waking to write this, it has mostly faded

buy a car
Well, heck

I needed to get a car bought while I still have the strength of our combined credit. So I ran out and looked at cars.

What I’m getting: a Toyota Prius C 3. It’s the last 2013 on the lot, so they supposedly gave me a deal. It’s new, but it’s about the same price as if it were a low-miles used car, as I looked at these. Red, because I have no choice as to the color – last one on the lot. Black interior – again, not the first choice, but acceptable.

It’s smaller than the classic liftback – I can barely fit the bike in the back, with the seats down and the wheel off. I might get a rack, but that’s down the line. For now, the rare times that I’m hauling the bike somewhere – in the back.

And being small – especially since I’m going to be living in the city – is a good thing. I’ll need to maneuver it into small parallel parking spaces.

Gah, so many many big financial decisions, life changes, all in the space of one summer!

Envision my new life (read all 5 entries…)
Inner Life

This is harder for me to sketch out

The resources available nearby:

My synagogue meets at the Baptist church about fifteen minutes away by bike or bus (they all map out to be about the same) or 40 minutes on foot.

St. Mark’s is two blocks away. I would like to go to the Compline service again; it has other music programs.

Also within walking distance is the Theosophy Society building. My grandmother was an official translator of Mme. Blavatsky’s works into German. So, I have an idea of what Theosophy is about, and I’m not on-board with all their teachings. However, every time I’ve walked into the center, the place has such a feeling of peace, probably generated by all the thousands of hours of meditation that have occurred there. I could simply walk there and participate in Saturday morning meditations – a complement to Shabbat services on Friday nights.

It’s also 10 minutes (in no traffic :-) ) down I-5 to the new Seattle Insight Meditation Society building. This is another resource readily available to me.

There’s also a yoga studio about a mile away, that seems to strike the right note between physical development and meditation, which is so hard to find.

And then – there’s Volunteer Park, and the Arboretum, within walking distance. Nature, even in the city, is always available. Even viewing Lake Union from my window – and on cloudless days, the Olympic Mountains in the distance – provides me with grounding and peace.

OK, so those are all the resources I can identify in the vicinity. And there’s a lot, and out of a lot of different traditions: Jewish, Christian, New Age, Buddhist and Hindu. I will figure out what is my main course, and what are condiments, as it will be impossible to do anything in depth if I am only sampling off the appetizer menu, if you know what I mean.

If these are the resources, what is vision?

The vision of the inner life is:

  • I have available meditation to help me through all the bumpiness of life.
  • I have places of calm, quiet, and peace available.
  • I have the avenue for a prayer practice.
  • I have an avenue for a practice supported in music in some way.
  • I continue a journalling practice.
  • I attend retreats for inner work several times a year.
  • I am surrounded by benevolent teachers and leaders who are spiritually developed themselves. I treat my teachers and leaders like human beings and do not idealize them, but instead provide them with appreciation and positive feedback, so they themselves are also fed.

This inner life supports all that I do in the world.

drive across the country (read all 3 entries…)

Likely itinerary of about 450 – 500 miles daily. All miles below approximate

Missoula MT 470 miles
Miles City MT 490 miles
Fargo ND 500 miles
Madison WI 500 miles
Cleveland OH 500 miles
Syracuse NY 335 miles

drive across the country (read all 3 entries…)

I am now going to drive across the country August 20 – 26. I will fly back in time for my brother’s visit. This means that I will need to do all my packing in the first two weeks of August – no joke!

organize our books (read all 3 entries…)
Marking this as "give up"

What books are mine and I want to keep, I’ll pack up. The rest, well, they’ll stay here.

What remains of this task really goes under planning and executing the move.

Plan my move! (read all 3 entries…)

7/31 The day I am reviewed by the co-op members – I will try not to think of this as a beis din

8/1 Announce my move to Facebook. This is tantamount to announcing my pending divorce. But that’s OK. The announcement will read something like:

Starting 9/17, I will be moving to a new place in Capitol Hill. For my new address, phone number, and detailed information regarding this move, please email me or PM me through Facebook

8/3 Walk-through to make sure that all inspection-related corrections have been made. Things I need to do at that time:
  • Check to see if there a microwave – I just got one free today (ah, dumpster diving!) which appears to work, and I want to make sure that it’s worth cleaning up and bringing with me
  • Check for any handyman type installation that I want to have done, such as shelving put in, coat rack hung on a wall, etc.

8/5 Appraisal deadline

8/5 Or thereabout – after I get back from Boise – book anyone that I need to help (movers, maybe help with packing, painting, handyman work – I need to make some decisions.)

8/29 Proof of funds in my bank account

9/8 Date of Closing. Possession at 5 PM. Take meter readings with mobile phone camera and immediately send an email to self. Call in readings to utility companies within next few days.

9/9 Bring over art work and make color choices based on art and light in the unit

9/9 Painting prep is not contingent on color choice, and can begin this day

9/11 Painting begins – while unit is not large, it will take two coats to cover some of the darker colors, so there will need at least two coats, and time to dry between coats

9/16 Unless painters are working over the weekend, this is probably a safe day to figure that painting has ended, and movers can move everything in.

9/17 Unpack and arrange

9/19 Mezuzah hanging – and party!

Plan my move! (read all 3 entries…)
What am I taking with me? Furniture edition


I will take my grandmother’s octagonal table, and the crazy mahogany table that used to belong to my parents that can be an end table. Also my grandmother’s needlepoint chair and needlepoint foot stool. And her old breakfront. I think that covers it for heirloom furniture.

Then, all my bedroom furniture will be in maple / birch finishes. I will take the six drawer dresser, the three drawer dresser, and it sounds nutsy, but the changing table. No one has had a fresh diaper on the thing in 18 years, but it is a fine piece of maple furniture, and it doesn’t really look like a changing table. Surely this will be enough dresser space for all my clothes.

And also a maple bedside table.

The question is, what do I take of the other “kid” furniture? My impression from walking around IKEA is that twin beds are for children, and grown-ups sleep on a full or a queen. However, if I’m going to cram in all those dressers and a desk into the bedroom, probably there’s not enough room for a queen-sized bed in there. And I’m not anticipating sharing my bed with anyone at all for now, so maybe, despite the childish nature of a twin, I can just run off with one of my kid’s twin bed frames and mattresses.

I said “desk”, and this is something for me to think about. I have used a kid’s desk for my desk, and it was not a satisfactory experience. I like my current ugly metal table in terms of size, but I suspect it is not practical. Maybe my kitchen table is my “desk”, and my desk-y items, like my laptop, just reside somewhere else, and are hauled out as needed.

Another crazy idea: the closet space that used to hold the murphy bed (no joke) that is now just a closet – I could make it into a office cubby. It really depends on how much closet space is at a premium (probably pretty high).

OK, and then, the maple book case.

Could I cram all these dressers, the book case, and a twin size bed into that bedroom? I think so. I’ll hold off on any desk bring or purchase.

OK, so that’s the bedroom: light colored wood finishes, cream comforter, and I’ll paint the walls in their some nice shade of white. White sheets. All white and cream in the bedroom, and light colored wood.


OK, then what else is coming over?

There’s the freakin’ futon, and right now, I’d bring the futon over. I don’t have to rush into buying a sofa; I can use the futon as a sofa for now. This, plus the heirloom furniture described above, is the living room for now. My parents potentially have an armchair that I could also run off with, so that is one more seat for guests if necessary.

I bought a neighbor’s dining room table. I own one chair (!) that matches it. I will eventually get more, but one chair is a good start.

And that’s it for the list of furniture I’m bringing.

Get together and meet (seattle version)
If worse comes to worse

And nothing else comes of this goal…

How about if you all come to my mezuzah hanging party?

I think I need to make it later than the 12th, so I can paint (see some other entries on the topic). So, my mezuzah hanging party will actually take place September 19, at 2020 E Broadway Ave #4, at 5:00. If the weather’s nice, we’ll use the common area patio as the main party space. The actual mezuzah hanging will be at 6:00. I will have a certain quantity of food and drink, but you are welcome to bring more.

buy a condo (read all 14 entries…)
oh and...!

I will be reviewed by the co-op on 7/31 at 7:15 PM.

Plan my move! (read all 3 entries…)
so much that needs to be done

This breaks into three major tasks:

  1. Figure out what I’m taking with me – and then figure out how it’s getting there.
  2. Figure out what to do with everything else (store, throw away, or…?)
  3. Figure out what I need to buy, and make a budget for that, then buy it all

Then, the other major part is:
Do I want to paint before I move in? If so, what are the colors?

Just to even begin to think about this, since I was in Renton anyway for a job-search-related thing, I figured, I’ll go to IKEA. So I drove on the 405 in the pouring rain, and then wandered around IKEA. I sat on sofas. I looked at dining room tables. I ran my hands over throw rugs. It didn’t take long to feel completely overwhelmed, and I fled through all their short-cuts back to the entrance, and out their front door.

buy a condo (read all 14 entries…)
inspection report repairs

They were minor – installing a few GFCI outlets and unsticking the bathroom door. The seller agreed to make these small improvements before I move in.

Receive 25,000 cheers (read all 2 entries…)

While the people who I have cheered appear to be deleting accounts en masse, making it harder to reach my 30,000 cheered goal…it appears that those who cheer me tend to be those who are sticking around.

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