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joie de vivre

Here, now and until the end

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figure out how to get my account back
JdV here

Somehow the system created this new account for me; meanwhile, I can’t get to my old one. It’s probably not worthwhile trying to fix it – but I did want to do a final download of all my stuff…

drive across the country (read all 8 entries…)
Sun Prairie, WI

Another long day of driving, with a break in the middle in Minneapolis. Lots of traffic. The Montana days of set the cruise control to 80, and just pass the occasional semi truck are long over.

drive across the country (read all 8 entries…)
haven't shut down yet???

Since 43things apparently has not yet shut down, I can report that we have driven nearly a thousand miles, and are currently resting in Miles City, Montana.

post random questions daily and see if anyone plays with me and answers them :) (read all 28 entries…)
per a previous random question

How much red wine is too much red wine?

deal with my divorce with grace and mindfulness (read all 3 entries…)
in the kitchen

I bought a new knife block, and was ransacking the kitchen knives. All the steak knives that were my parents’, I was sticking in the block. The ones that David’s aunt gave us, I was leaving behind. Then, I was choosing between different chopping knives, deboning knives…David came in, and he asked where I got the knife block. I told him I bought it, and he said good. I told him I bought it from the Goodwill for $4, and it was never used and perfectly clean….anyway, he said I could take any and all the knives I wanted, and that he was fine with replacing them. He said that the only knife he really liked was – and he pulled out my dad’s old carving knife. I said jovially that he could not have that particular knife, and we talked about whether or not he would ever carve a turkey in his future. We then talked a little about future holidays.

He then said something about how positive it was that we were on good terms. And I agreed. I found myself bursting into tears, and he gave me a hug. I told him that I appreciated so much that he was being generous with me, and that I would do my very best to also not be mean, vindictive, or petty.

This conversation came after I had previously been sorting through wrapping papers and gift bags and boxes. Some of these had been saved for reuse from previous celebrations. When I was doing this, I thought about who I’d ever be giving presents to again. My kids don’t live here anymore, I’m leaving my husband, and what do I give to my elderly parents that isn’t cluttering their tiny place in their retirement community? Who else would I give presents to? When would be the next in-person birthday or holiday party? That made me cry, too. But still, I took a lot of the gift bags and boxes, and put them in a big card board box to go to the new place; I left rolls of other wrapping paper for him, behind.

drive across the country (read all 8 entries…)
Yesterday's prep

Since my daughter’s a vegetarian, I spent some time yesterday looking for restaurant with vegetarian options, for us to have dinners. Also scouted non-Walmart groceries, because our plan is to buy lunches out of grocery stores. The idea is to walk to those places from our motels, because we’d be in the car otherwise all day.

We’re OK through Missoula, MT – there’s a Vietnamese Noodle Shop that has veg options there. Then…

Miles City, MT:
  • Pizza (nothing looks stellar, but maybe edible)
  • The Hong Kong cafe in town has a few vegetarian dishes – too far to walk
  • Or, we go to the steak and chop house. The dinner is then a baked potato stuffed with cheese, and then a side order or two – like a salad, steamed broc, or something like that.
  • Albertson’s, where we’ll gather up our lunch supplies for the next day, is less than a mile from our motel.
Fergus Falls MN
  • Probably best bet is Mabel Murphy’s, easy walk of the motel, with two vegetarian pasta dishes (alfredo sauce and primavera); it also has an extensive salad bar.
  • Grocery store is within walking distance of the motel, the other direction.
Sun Prairie WI
  • Atlantis is a Greek place with many, many vegetarian options – mile and a half walk from our motel. There’s also a Chinese place, vegetarian options, same area.
  • The grocery store, Copps, is just another 8 minute walk down the road.

After Sun Prairie, we’re set through to the end.

Then, I walked (ironically enough) to AAA, where I got all our maps for the trip.

I also did some of the packing.

post random questions daily and see if anyone plays with me and answers them :) (read all 28 entries…)
When do you think it will really end?

Tonight, midnight, PDT?


Plan my move! (read all 9 entries…)
Got a moving company estimate

Signed the paperwork – moving date should be 9/17.

drive across the country (read all 8 entries…)
Leaving on Monday!

But I won’t be able to tell you about it here. Damn, I’m going to miss this place.

make a last entry on 43things
Well, this might not be the end

...but it might be.

If I have a chance to write here again, I will. Otherwise, I suspect, this is it.

It comes to its end just as I am in the midst of my New Horizons, my one-word resolution for 2014. I wish that the site, and all its participants, would continue to be with me, but perhaps the site’s closure will open up one more New Horizon that I can not see from here right now.

I can’t begin to say how much I will miss this site. It has been with me through all my changes, and all the cheers and encouragement I have received from its other participants have meant the world to me.

Everyone, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you so much for your support. I don’t know what I would have done without you all.


Plan my move! (read all 9 entries…)
After all is said and done

I decided that I would take my daughter’s old twin mattress and box spring, after all. The bedroom just seems so small, and I feel I can not cram a larger bed in there.

So I then repacked the white sheets that I’ll be taking with me.

I rummaged around the basement, and came across a cream-colored bedspread with a bamboo pattern appliqued on it. I hadn’t decided on any other color for the bedroom other than creams and whites, but I’m OK with the green of bamboo – a lot more OK with the green of the bamboo than some other accent colors I considered, like purple or orange. And beyond the color, it will go with the room thematically: I will have a picture of the Buddha, a print from an Japanese painting on wood from an ancient temple, up; I will also would like to put the fan I bought (with the pilgrim and a cat) in Marugame in some sort of frame and have it up, too. There’s an oil painting that my father did many years ago of a pine tree that shows some Asian influence that I could put up in the same room, if there’s sufficient wall space. I like this idea of my room having a sort of East Asian feeling. Could I have the sisal hanging on the floor as a rug? Maybe, if I never wore shoes in the room. Maybe.

The downside of the spread is that it does have some stains and holes. It is 70 years old – it was used by someone in my mother’s family back in Tianjin, when my grandfather was a professor at the university there. I’ve decided I’m OK with this. As we move into colder weather, I’ll probably need to buy some sort of quilt or comforter eventually. For now, having a white blanket, a cream blanket, and the cream-and-bamboo spread should be fine.

(Photo is of the spread, stretched out over our king-sized bed. It would go to the floor of a twin.)

Plan my move! (read all 9 entries…)
knobs and chairs

I ordered cabinet knobs. Since I am not painting the cabinets a very interesting color, I’m making up for it by having gaily-colored (in the old-fashioned sense of gaily) cabinet knobs. The knobs look like this:

Then, today I bought, cleaned, and sort of refurbished six used dining room chairs, which looked like the photo attached. The description of the chairs, reads in part: We’ve got a great collection of wood and gold fabric chairs that you can tell were super swanky maybe a few decades ago…[Y]ou could have yourself a very nice dining set far under new retail costs.

This is what I found so funny: 21 cabinet knobs cost twice as much as 6 used dining chairs. Ah well, if I can locate 21 cabinet knobs that look as nice for cheaper elsewhere, I might get them. But the chairs were a deal.

Plan my move! (read all 9 entries…)
worked on colors today

It took 2.5 hours, after I hauled almost all my art up to the new place, to work with someone on choosing colors.

Blues, whites, creams, and yellows. Such a different color scheme compared to where I live now, which is all greens and browns (like a forest).

It was important work to do, but now, at the end of the day, I feel sort of sad. The place is really small. I am going to have to simplify like crazy. I will not be able to hang all my art, so what should I do with it? Store it? I wrapped it all back up and threw it back into the car. I will need to think on it.

I am feeling some sadness, some sense of loss. It was an emotionally tiring day, for not just this, but other events. I will need to nurture myself carefully through this process.

garden (read all 15 entries…)
whack whack whack

I have done 98% of the gardening here. Since I am leaving in a month, I am not inspired to continue to put in 98% of the gardening. I keep my potted plants and the vegetable garden going, and that’s about it.

But this afternoon, this warm afternoon, I had a sudden Kali, Goddess of Destruction vibe going, and I decided to get out the weed whacker. I whacked down all the grass and whatnot growing along the stone garden walls. I whacked down all the weeds, ours and our neighbors, growing in the narrow gravel side yard between our dwellings. Then I got out the electric hedge trimmer and trimmed up the juniper, the nandina, and the bird’s nest spruce. Swept up all the trimmings.

My husband probably won’t even notice the difference. It’s why I haven’t had the best motivation to work on the garden these days. It will no longer be my responsibility, and it doesn’t even register in his consciousness.

drive across the country (read all 8 entries…)

All motels and my flight back.

drink more tequila (read all 6 entries…)
tub and tequila

Is that so wrong?

Plan my move! (read all 9 entries…)
Got a big pile of boxes

I did some major dumpster diving and got a huge pile of cardboard boxes, and then some craft paper.

FIE on all the people who put garbage in recycling dumpsters. They can ruin an entire dumpster of decent dry clean cardboard. These people are scum.

declutter (read all 11 entries…)
in concert with packing things up

Not a horrific proposition, because I’ve done a good job of decluttering now for a while.

But I finally decided to part with several dresses that I bought at a craft fair years ago. I love them. They are unique. They are hand-made, and the fabric print is unusual, and the buttons are custom and they coordinate. At the craft fair I couldn’t decide on just one so I bought three. I’ve had them probably for around 18 years. I just rarely wear them any more. The cut is not that fashionable, and I find fewer reasons to put them on these days. I didn’t wear one of them once so far this summer, and that was a sign that I was through with them. There were a couple more summer dresses that I haven’t worn once so far, and I put those in the bag, too.

Then, I went through my underwear drawer. Anything with holes, stains, or pills – into the bag. Anything that I didn’t feel was either a. pretty or b. comfortable went into the bag. Then all my sexy lingerie – the merry widows, the leopard print bra and panties? It’s not that I am throwing away my sexuality. But these are items from what will be a previous relationship. If, far down the road, I want to dress up in something like that? I’ll buy new. I’m not sure what the thrift store will do with all of that stuff, but it’s all in good condition, and if someone wants to buy it, fine.

Scarves. I love scarves. Every woman over 50 should wear scarves. But I have far too many. I reviewed them and got rid of maybe half.

Next: another rummage through my nighties and pjs; another rummage through my yoga/bicycling/athletic wear; and, a rummage through coats and jackets.

deal with my divorce with grace and mindfulness (read all 3 entries…)
Great conversation on our walk yesterday

We had a frank, warm conversation on our walk yesterday. This is the man I married, not the rager.

try dumpster diving at least once (read all 8 entries…)
All this dumpster diving talk

caused me to poke my head in one I hadn’t looked in for a while.

I got an ottoman, brand-new, minus its lid. Suggested manufacturer’s retail price, according to its tag: $129.00 (with its lid, no doubt). Without its lid, well, I think it’s worth more than simply garbage, don’t you?

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