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stay sober
I cant believe what I did.

I am sooo damn stupid. I was clean for over a year then a few days ago I relapsed. I drank ahellofalot and smoked crack. I did this for like 2 days straight and I missed 2 days of work. I am sober today and back at work but ohmyGod I cant believe how badly ive fucked up again. I ran out of gas and I was superdrunk and I was just sitting on the side of the road in my car just continually turnning the starter but it wouldnt start because I was out of Gas!! But I was too drunk to understand that and a police officer came up to me and I told her “my car wont start” I told her it probably would in a while and she left! then like 15mins later another officer came in a differnt cruiser and he came up to me and said why dont we move your car off the road and Ill take you home and he did. he didnt test me or anything he just said if id been drinking i should wait till the morning to get my car which I did. I am so amazingly lucky I didnt get dui and also that I didnt get into an accident and kill someone. anyhow in all of that I almost lost my girlfriend and someone who was helping me get drugs stole my x-box and all my games and movies. guess im lucky he didnt steal my tv or stereo or car for that matter. I so much hate that i relapsed i still have to go see my po tommorow and hopefully she doesnt know and wont arrest me but i know it could happen so i may end up paying a hell of a price for a couple day binge. no matter what now I do know that I have alot of work to do to stay sober this time. I have to go to meetings which I had stopped doing and I must get a sponser so that next time I ever think of drinking Ill have someone to call.


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