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Not go on Perez
No more Perez Hilton!

I do not want to go on Perez anymore. He is so mean, and some of the things he says just make me sad, because if I was the person he was saying those things about, I would feel really bad. Also, some of the comments on there from other people are just rude and disgusting. I think its jsut bad karma for me to look at that stuff. So, I am gonna try to not go on there ever again. But, I like the layout of the gossip on there, how its just in a row and I don’t know. I guess I shouldnt go on any gossip website and just watch inside edition and the news(because they talk about celebs on there too). Yeah thats what im gonna do. NO MORE PEREZHILTON.COM!

visit europe
I want to go to...

I say Europe, because there are a few places in Europe I want to visit. I want to visit, England, Scotland, Ireland, Amsterdam, Italy, and maybe France. I dont know if I will get to but I certainly would want to very much.

be more buddhist
I want to be more buddhist.

I have considered buddhism my religion for about 4yrs now. However, I am not perfect and still have some things I would like to improve. So that is what this is for. I want to learn more about buddhism, and incorporate it into my life as much as possible. I love buddhism, and would like to just basically get more “into” it.

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