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  1. 1. Don't interrupt
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  2. 2. forgive those who have hurt me
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  3. 3. complain less
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  4. 4. Shrinking my fibroid
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Shrinking my fibroid
Going to be Tough

Changing diet, making time for exercise, forgiving people who have hurt me, meditating and being at peace with myself, and involving spirit everyday in my life to shrink my fibroid is going to be tough, but I do do it. Feeling overwhelmed by emotions from over stimulation to my fibroid and carrying around old baggage from my past has to go if I am ever to be happy and satisfied.

complain less
Turning Thought

Making excuses for everything that is wrong in my life is so annoying.I would really like to take this one and do something. It affects who wants to be around me. Not cool

forgive those who have hurt me

Some of my pain stems from my parents. I know if I can forgive them I can forgive all the rest and move on from the pain. But how in the heck do you do it? Baaaa

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