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Run a "cottage industry" business...
Still trying out ideas for a cottage industry business...

I am teaching sewing lessons right now, but have found out that teaching people to sew is one thing; teaching them to alter a pattern for themselves is another. I have never been faced with having to alter a pattern beyond maybe just cutting the seams a little wider at certain (ahem!) points, or converting a Misses pattern to a Miss Petite. Someone with an extreme pear-shaped figure, for example, will be a challenge for me on anything but the simplest style of pattern. I’m not sure if sewing clothes is going to be the direction I want to go in, either. Maybe just advertise myself as a teacher for sewers of crafts, curtains, and pillows etc.

learn to sew and hand-embroider
I'd like to learn to embroider pictures I create myself....

I started to learn to embroider and then gave it up. This is because I got an embroidery kit and it was called “punch embroidery”. It was such a nice little picture and would have been adorable if I had been able to do it. But WHAT A JOKE!!! If you used the punch and punched it in the fabric, then pulled it out to go to the next stitch, the first stitch came right out. And after all the separating and sorting I did with the colors of thread! Arrrrrg!

Anyway, I was put off by this project but I’m going to make another start. I think it would be a super relaxing thing to do in front of the TV at night. And the fun part would be making pictures that I would create just for the purpose of embroidery.


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