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  1. 1. keep a diary
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  2. 2. sculpt
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  3. 3. own my own home
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  4. 4. Marry Bill Kaulitz
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  5. 5. solve a rubiks cube
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  6. 6. learn sign language
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  7. 7. Get up to the front row of a Hanson concert
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  8. 8. pay off my debts
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  9. 9. Be closer to my mom.
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  10. 10. understand the 11:11
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  11. 11. name a star after me
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  12. 12. stop procrastinating
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  13. 13. Take a photo every day
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  14. 14. do yoga
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  15. 15. Read all Jules Verne's books
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  16. 16. Write a book
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  17. 17. buy a Volvo
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  18. 18. Tell you how much I miss you
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  19. 19. Love without fear
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  20. 20. watch all scrubs episodes
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Recent entries
pay off my debts
It was worth every cent

I finally went to Europe! It was my dream but it was also a lot of money! So I saved some money, asked my bank for a loan and also paid some with my credit cards, now I have a decent debt which I fear I will be paying for a long time but I must say I was definitely worth it! I only have to organize my expenses and hopefully will pay off soon, and will be ready to do it again so I can go back to Europe!

go to holland
I amsterdam!

I am absolutely in love with the country, It is amazing how nice dutch people are, beautiful buildings, life style, language, culture, everything! I went there 3 weeks ago and I am still not over so much beauty and fun! I went by myself and had the best time of my life I wish to go again soon and hopefully live there forever!!

visit europe
The dream came true

I wanted to visit London, Paris, Rome and Holland. Three weeks ago my dream came true. I dindn’t get to see Rome but now I am sure that I want to go back I think I’d love to live in Amsterdam!! It’s absolutely wonderful!!

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