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  1. 1. tell my parents about my boyfriend
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  2. 2. get better grades in school
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get better grades in school
How to get better grades:)

My grades used to be really bad, in one exam i even got an f:s and i noticed why, it’s because i wasn’t focused enough, and i used the wrong techniques. When my retake for my physics exam which i got my f in came around I had to be strict with myself, Physics isn’t my subject, but i wasn’t gunna let that put me off. I tried loads of different ways to help me revise such as

sam learning
exam papers (practice ones)
repeating what i just revised to get it stuck in my head
Bite size
and writing stuff out from the text book.

For me exam papers, sam learning, and Writing info out of text books really helped me. and my final grade was a B. and i was soooo amazed:)

My biggest tips would be:
Never give up, even when people say you should, prove to yourself you can do it.

Don’t let friends or boyfriends distract you. you have to be strict with yourself, you want this good grade, you can’t blow off studying to go meet your friends cause they want you to come out. after your exam you can go out as much as you want:)

Don’t get put off. even if it isn’t your subject and the highest you can get is a c, well hey, it’s a pass isn’t it?:) i’m sure you can get into whatever you want to do still:)

I hope this helped.

tell my parents about my boyfriend
How can i do this??

I am 14 years old (nearly 15)and my boyfriend is 16 (nearly 17). I met my boyfriend through friends about 2 years ago, and we just clicked straight away, and we began dating about 6 months after that. The only problem is..he lives VERY far away, around 2 hours away, and my mum doesn’t even know he exists:S I really wanna tell her about him and everytime i go to do it, I like freeze, the words just don’t come out of my mouth. and I feel really sick and nervous to tell her. I don’t think she’d be angry cause she met my dad the same age as i am now,but i think she would be rather angry cause he lives so far away.. but i don’t really talk boys with her AT ALL. Mainly because I know she’ll tease me over it and then tell my dad and my brother who will then tease me over it, i spose being teased isn’t all that bad tbh, but i just dunno what to do:S HELP ME!


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