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9/5/10- What made you happy today?

Doing my workout
Getting along with my sister
My mom and dad
Getting a portion of my index cards done (trying to be happy about that)
Learning about new events from
Realizing that I can change and getting closer to it

9/5/10- Explore

Just read an article posted 30 minutes ago about Sakineh getting lashed over 90 times because the Western Media posted a photo of what they thought was he without he vail, while wearing makeup. That breaks my heart. The Iranian regime is being too cruel to their people and they’re making it so that there’s nothing we can do about it. If what they’re doing is publicised, they only punish the victim more. That’s crazy.

Read another about Iggy and the Stooges. An old 60s rock band that apparently performed as if they were in some kind of mannorist portrait, and sang in a way that couldn’t be described. Too lazy to youtube them. Probably because they said something about them being an intense, and I think rock version, of old R&B music. If I’m not mistaken.

I read 2 articles about the Tea Party group that’s working to promote their choices of officials in the upcoming election. I’m not very good at understanding politics, but since they were said to have libertarianist point of views I’m not thinking I like them very much haha

9/5/10- Study first 1/2 of Political Science index cards. (read all 2 entries…)

However, I feel stressed with this whole time-management situation. My “ADD” always gets in the way of me getting things done in the time I want it done. I refuse to resort to Adderall or anything addictive and unhealthy, like that. I need to practice.
What also stresses me out about time-management is work. I work for my mom and want to be there as much as possible, but I barely work anymore. So I want to figure out a way to get my work done Monday-Friday and work Saturday and Sundays. Also because I really want to save money for me to study abroad once I graduate from community college and transfer into either Tech, State or UGA.

My dad gave me a great yesterday when I was telling him how behind I felt, even though, in reality I’m not. He said unless you’re ahead, you’re always behind. Mondays-Thursdays need to be my days to do the work to keep me on track. Fridays (my days off) need to be my days to win the race.

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