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Starting today, 43 Things users can export their goals and entries from the site. Starting August 15, we will make the site “read only”. 43 Things users will still be able to view the site and export their content, but we won’t be taking any new content from users. We hope to leave the site up for folks to see and download their content until the end of the year. Ending on New Year’s Eve takes us full circle.

It has been a long ride (one of our original goals was to "build a company that lasts at least 2 years” - we beat that one!) While we wish the site could live on, it has suffered from a number of challenges - changes in how people use the site, the advertising industry, and how search engines view the site. We wish the outcome was different – but we’ve always been realistic about when our goals are met and when they aren't.

As of today, you will be able to download your goals and entries. See more about that on the FAQ page. Thanks for 10 great years of goal-setting and achieving.

- The Robots.

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Always have something to look forward to (read all 13 entries…)
  • Erik breaking up from school – start of Christmassy stuff
  • Going to the cinema
  • Christmas
  • Baby being born (January some time)
  • My parents visiting in February

I think that’s quite enough for now :) Lots of fun things happening!

get back into regular exercise (read all 10 entries…)
I foresee a lot of walking in my future :)

Complete with pram and little one, once they arrive that is.

foster or adopt a child (read all 4 entries…)
I still feel the same way about this as previously

Despite being pregnant, I don’t see having adoptive children as an either/or. However, it may never happen due to financial issues (here in Sweden almost all adoptions are international, and the rules the countries have, particularly when it comes to ‘net worth’ are something we are not going to reach for many years, if at all). This is a sad state of affairs, I think, for all those children who are sitting in orphanages who aren’t being adopted because their potential parents’ house doesn’t cost enough, for example. Very sad.

Have a baby (read all 2 entries…)
Due date is the 5th of January

Although I’m looking more towards the 20th, as things will definitely be more likely to be happening/have happened by then :) Exciting and also rather scary!

use my time more effectively. (read all 21 entries…)
So it's been a while

But I have a feeling that once the new year kicks in, I’ll be back on the 43Things wagon :) January is a hell of a motivator, don’t you find?

Have a baby (read all 2 entries…)
I'm 5 months pregnant

And all is going well so far. Only a matter of time, I guess :)

have children someday (read all 7 entries…)
Not so much someday now

In January next year, in fact, Erik and I will become parents. Well, they could be early and be born in December, but we’re hoping that won’t be the case :) Anyway, it’s an exciting time.

find out my blood type (read all 2 entries…)

I have blood type A+. I found out because I got blood test results back. So there you go :)

Lose 20 pounds (read all 4 entries…)

...These days it’s more like 40. But I’ll keep this goal for now, and see how I go :) If I complete losing 20 then I’ll change to the losing 40 goal, for the extra 20.

Always have something to look forward to (read all 13 entries…)
  • Finishing my first week of P90 and starting week 2 (Monday)
  • Seeing Erik’s cousin perform next week
  • Finding out what’s going on with the monster (also next week)
  • Erik’s mum’s wedding (June)

Finish this monster! (read all 8 entries…)
Spending a lot of my time working on this one

In fact, right now, this is my most worked on goal. It feels as if nothing in my life can progress until I have this monster sedated, at the very least. Preferably out of our lives for good. But I’m giving it a good go, I’m focusing on exercising, not being depressed and using my time well whilst also doing what I can about this monster. We’re progressing in any case, hopefully all will be a lot clearer by the end of this month.

use my time more effectively. (read all 21 entries…)
I still keep to-do lists...

Just not on here :) I have a laminated list which I can wipe clean every day and start again afresh the next. The biggest hurdle for me is getting time away from computers. They suck so much time and potential productivity away for me. Have to get organised on my usage of them.

get back into regular exercise (read all 10 entries…)
Doing P90 again, but this time not alone :)

Erik is taking part too, and it’s quite fun, actually.

walk at least 5,000 steps each day (read all 8 entries…)
Oh for flip's sake!

I did walk yesterday, lots. But guess who forgot their pedometer? sigh Still, Tuesday is the new Monday.

walk at least 5,000 steps each day (read all 8 entries…)
Time to try this again

Starting Monday. See you back here then! :)

read all the books I own (read all 9 entries…)
61% done with the classics list

Feels good. Whether I’ll get it finished this year is unknown, I think it’s rather unlikely, but I can make a good dent in it, I’m sure!

use my time more effectively. (read all 21 entries…)

I’m working again, which means all my time and energy is going into that, and not the rest of my life. I guess my boss likes it, but I don’t. Add to that, I am not in the best place emotionally, physically, mentally. It’s all pretty pants. So…yeah.

Always have something to look forward to (read all 13 entries…)
Recent things to look forward to

Well, the summer was a complete wash out, the coldest summer in 12 years for Sweden, apparently.

  • Getting a clearer picture of what’s going on with this
  • Halloween
  • Fulfilling my goal of getting to level 27 here before my 27th birthday
  • Becoming 27
  • Christmas

Yup, all pretty regular things. If I think of others, I’ll be sure to add them.

Finish this monster! (read all 8 entries…)
Rachael 0 Monster 1

Things just reached a whole new level of difficulty, but I was right in things being clearer. It’s just that now, there is but one option, and it seems in fact that this Monster will not go away without one, particular manoeuvre which I just can’t even think about right now.

A low point. Monster; you keep the slippers, seems I’m stuck with you a while longer.

Finish this monster! (read all 8 entries…)
Best update this!

7 months later, things are still not resolved, but soon I will have a much clearer idea of what is going on. It’s rather drastic, but at least there should be answers. And the outcome may mean that my whole lifestyle will have to change. I just want to get on with things :) The monster’s been living with us for far too long.

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