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  1. 1. organise my kitchen drawers
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  2. 2. Get a tattoo
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  3. 3. participate in a flashmob in Melbourne, Australia
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Learn to french braid my own hair
Special combs do it

I think we were so used to doing this from the age of 18 (when we were judged old enough to wear our hair like this) that we just did it without thinking. There are special little combs nowadays.

Get a tattoo
The Tattood Lady

I wasn’t allowed when I was young. I was too busy when I was grown up. I want one now …....

organise my kitchen drawers
The Kitchen Drawers from Hell

Things breed in my drawers. Balls of string, old audio cassettes, cat collars, safety pins, moth balls …....I not only want to clean out the junk, I want to have nothing in my drawers at all.


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