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identify 100 things that make me happy.
The List

1. Sleeping
2. Eating whatever it is that I’m craving
3. Watching movies
4. Singing in the mirror
5. Talking to God and knowing that He hears me
6. My mom
7. Laughing with my mom
8. Telling “Church” and “Bible” jokes with my mom
9. Being silly with my family
10. Cleaning the bathroom
11. Unexpectedly losing weight
12. Thinking about my future husband
13. Dancing
14. Being retweeted
15. Chocolate
16. Not having to go to work
17. Being sarcastic on a daily basis
18. Vacationing
19. Passing my tests
20. Hello hugs and kisses from my nieces
21. Rapping
22. Long train/car rides to wherever
23. Taking pictures of myself that capture my awesomeness

Start a book of quotes that inspire me

“You only get to the top if you’re willing to climb”. – Joyce Meyer
“You can be powerful or you can be pityful, but you can’t be both”. – Joyce Meyer

improve my drawing skills
doodle queen

i’ve mastered doodleing, but i want to learn how to draw beautiful pictures that’ll make people say, “You didn’t draw that”

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