is revising hard!!!

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  1. 1. create my own website
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  2. 2. pass my driving test
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  3. 3. do a backflip
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  4. 4. Revise for exams
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try weed

There;s no directions you dont smell it, You just need to be able to inhale smoke properly and thats it, it will make you cough first but thats why most people dont get high cos they dont take it in. I smoke every few weeks and its great, really relaxing n fun. Ive prerolled for the weekend already :D

smoke weed
for a year

ive smoked this, its gr8 but ive quit for a while. I recommend it, and if u suffer from a comedown from weed then your comedown from drink must be ten times worse. and if you want 2 find a dealer, just ask around, its easy to find.

do a backflip
i wanna do this so i can do freerunning

I understand the technique i think but i just bottle it and cant flip and if i do try it I just dont want to go over the whole way, its a scary thought snapping my neck in mid roll :S

any tips, i dont have a spotter, i just want to try it on my own on my grass

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