is going to try to take care of alot of stuff today.

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How to become a Registered Addiction Specialist
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2 years
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How to go 24 Hours without complaining about a single thing.
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2 months
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How to be fine with being single
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1 year
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fix up my house (read all 2 entries…)

Ok I rented out my house to my family and moved out to an apartment. I was going to say I completed this goal because family and ex-roomates did a lot of fixing up around the house for me, but my new place needs some work done on it. I guess i will leave this goal up until I can take care of this place.

compile a list of 100 facts about myself (read all 50 entries…)
49th Fact

I would just really like to repeat that I have trouble finishing things. I haven’t been on this site in about two years and my last entry is the same as this one.

fix up my house (read all 2 entries…)
Getting Started

Ok if want my plan for life to work i need ti rent out my house. For that to work I need to clean it up and fix it. Here we go

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