Raveno Amaral

is Crying.. arghhh !!

I'm doing 3 things

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  1. 1. be a vampire
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  2. 2. i want to be a doctor
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  3. 3. find the most peaceful place on Earth
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find the most peaceful place on Earth
Help me to find it out

Do you know where is the most beautiful place to be visited ?? help meeeeee.. :)

be a vampire
Am I a vampire ?

I know i might be crazy . wanted to be a vampire is my second dream. I can do everything i want, immortal, and maybe i will feel that my life has begun .. VAMPIRE !! so sexy .. i will sacrifice everything to be a vampire . But if i cant be a vampire, let me to find a vampire man who wants to marry me. hahaha.. pleasee..

i want to be a doctor

I have a dream that is to be a doctor . I will graduated from high school after 2 month . I have already sent an applicant to an university in Indonesia . I hope i will be accepted there. :) God, pleaseeee.. I really really want to be a doctor.. i promise you that i will be the best.. pleaseee


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