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Anger control

Today for some reason my parents are trying to keep me from doing anything they took my car, my computer, guitar, and cellphone, ( im typeing this on my Ipod touch) every time the start to yell at me it feels as if im going to transform in front of them and tell the to stop. i dont want to do that though. any please tell me some ideas.

become a dragon (read all 5 entries…)
How many of you are pagan?

im just wondering i dont care if you are or not i just want to know.

become a dragon (read all 5 entries…)
everthing happened

i got my memory of my dragon, everything, how old i am, to what i look like, wow my head is killing me. my spirit told me to not do anything, just take it in. i’ve also discover scales growing on my hands.
tell me what you think about this

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