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live long
120. . . 150 years old? Why not?

I’m 45 now. Until a few months ago, I always told people, and myself, that I will live to be 120 years old. Not a weak, frail 120, but strong, healthy, active 120. As new information on prevention, genetics, smart drugs, etc arrive every day, I’m convinced that 150+ is not out of the question for those who are willing to do the right things. Money would help for those things that come with a price, i.e., newer technologies. I’m looking forward to it!

I am also aware of the fact that studies already show the power of mental suggestion. Many of us die early simply because our minds believe it’s time to go. Social conditioning, the norm, acceptance, you name it. My standard response to non-believers is that they’ll be pissed and turning in their graves at the thought of me, a rich old eccentric fart, dating their great-grand daughter! She being a non-believer too, thinking she will be the lucky one to out live the rich old bastard!!

Let’s get rolling. . . I’v got a mid-life crisis comming up in 30 years or so!



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