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make the most of the time I've been given (read all 41 entries…)
time just is

what it is

list 43 things that make me, me (read all 12 entries…)

who knows!

overhaul my wardrobe (read all 5 entries…)
who cares


finish my degree (read all 3 entries…)
pretty much done


weed my garden (read all 2 entries…)
Last week

I went out to pull weeds for at least 15 minutes twice last week – Monday and Wednesday. Yesterday I spent another hour, and actually made a significant dent in the overgrowth at the far end of the yard, around the emerging canna & calla lily stalks.

I doubt I’ll have time today to go out again, and in fact this whole week seems too busy to fit it in, but I’m determined to weed every bed around both the front and back yards at least once in the next month, so I’ll just have to make the time.

Holding the expectation to 15-minute increments helps a great deal to keep me from feeling overwhelmed by how much there is to do. A team of yard boys wouldn’t hurt either, but so far nobody has volunteered :oP

overhaul my wardrobe (read all 5 entries…)
All shopped out

Well I did it. After I wrote my exam on Saturday morning, I took myself straight to Winners to spend my gift card on clothes. And spend I did! I bought four pairs of capris, two belts, and two tops. Then I took all of those items across the plaza parking lot to Reitman’s where I knew I would find retail staff to give me advice about what to wear and how to wear it.

The first lady to ask me if I needed any help was wonderful – she could see I am fashion-challenged so she took each one of my new capris out of the Winners bag one at a time, and took me around the store suggesting possible matches in style and colour. I could have hugged her!

Before long, I had three more tops, a snazzy pair of bejewelled Jesus sandals, three hair bands, a necklace, and a chunky wooden bracelet. Here’s what I plan to wear to the bursary award thing tomorrow:

Everything I bought is casual enough for me to feel comfortable in it (I usually get seriously squeamish if I feel ‘dressed up’), and I feel a bit more up to date with these clothes. But the best part is that they FIT, so I’m happy with my purchases.

read the books I have (read all 10 entries…)
And then...

When I’ve finished ALL of the books I already own, then I want to read an Agatha Christie mystery and something by Hunter S. Thompson. After that I want to re-read all of Jane Austen’s stories.

I’m really going to have to find a way to stay awake past 9:30 p.m. if I’m to do all this reading before I go completely blind & senile!

Catch up the bookshop's bookkeeping before next Y/E - doh! (read all 11 entries…)
I blew it.

Year End was May 31st. I think I still have data from March, April & May to enter. Sigh…

I don’t know if I’ll get to it before the end of July. Thankfully the accountant doesn’t usually show up until October or November.

Still, I’m disappointed. I so wanted to stay on top of this.

list my "someday" goals (read all 17 entries…)

I had an involved daydream not long ago about opening a ‘new again’ store, selling refurbished and/or refreshed goods. Not sure it would fly in this ultra-conservative, big-box-store-addicted, everyone’s-a-doctor town though. We would contract with artists and handyman-types who could take the old junk, make it work again or re-jig it into an art piece, and then get a cut upon sale of the item. We met a fellow recently who has a truck and is trying to build a business of hauling away people’s junk so that he himself can reinvent it, but I know he’s struggling. I thought maybe I could approach him with this idea – perhaps a place to retail his finds would help him out, and I’d have a constant source of junk. Together, we’d be able to keep more stuff out of landfill, maybe. That’d be good.

Record things that make me happy (read all 39 entries…)
this week's joys
  • lots of rain and lots of sun = lots of garden growth and show
  • I made it to Nia on Tuesday
  • I feel completely relaxed about my midterm exam tomorrow morning
  • the Beal Art Show is on this weekend – and I actually have a little money to spare :oD
  • mail! I received a lovely card and beautiful tulips in the mail this week, as well as my next film from (Michael Palin’s Sahara), a long hilarious letter from a dear friend, AND my first (and probably last) Melaleuca order
  • worked very hard yesterday at work so that I could go home early and crash on the couch – which is exactly what I did, and kept doing for the whole evening. I needed it.

read the books I have (read all 10 entries…)
Two on the go

Right now, at no great speed mind you, I’m reading both Weighing the Soul: Scientific Discovery from the Brilliant to the Bizarre, and Make Compost in 14 Days by Editors of Organic Gardening Magazine.

Both are very interesting. I just wish I could read more than a few words before I fall asleep with the book on my face!

overhaul my wardrobe (read all 5 entries…)

M gave me a gift card many months back, and I am finally going to spend it. Tomorrow, after my exam. I need summer clothes in a big way – I’d like a couple of comfortable skorts for work, if I can find them, and tops to match.

I wish I could be excited about it. I’m happy to have the time and money, and I will be relieved when I have a couple of decent hot-weather outfits to wear, but I feel huge and ugly right now, so time in front of the mirror doesn’t thrill me. And I’m so tired of buying clothes I momentarily think look good, only to feel like a giant LOSER when I wear them for real. I wish shopping and dressing were more pleasurable activities. I don’t get how almost every single woman I know LOVES shopping, always looks smashing, and manages to keep up with the latest fashions. For me, it’s just another source of stress and self-doubt.

Ah well, better to look like a loser in new, weather-appropriate clothes than an overdressed, out of style loser :o)

weed my garden (read all 2 entries…)

On my way back toward the house from the shed the other night I realized how bad the weeds have become in almost every one of my garden beds AND in the lawn. It’s so bad right now that for a brief moment I thought I might cry. I felt entirely defeated – this yard is beginning to look like the yard of an abandoned house!

But I didn’t cry. Instead I resolved to get out for at least 15 minutes an evening to pull weeds. The night before last, despite the steamy heat, Marty got out the lawn mower and I got out my gloves and spade and we spent about 45 minutes making our separate efforts to tidy the place up.

Having the grass freshly cut made a significant impact to the appearance of the yard on the whole, of course; while I worked hard and weeded quite a large area around the cannas and calla lilies, the difference was noticeable only to me, I’m sure.

I didn’t get out last night to continue, but I’m going to spend 15 minutes this morning. I have, in my head, sort of divided up the yard into smaller sections so as not to get overwhelmed again by how MUCH there is yet to do. I just have to pluck away at it, little by little. It’s surprising how much area I can cover in just 15 minutes, and I welcome the fresh air, exercise and time in the garden.

spend more time outdoors (read all 11 entries…)
Walk Around Mount St. Joseph

On days that I’m at my placement, I get an hour for lunch. There is always plenty of time to spare after I’ve finished eating, and a couple of weeks ago, I decided to use that time to walk the complex grounds. Apparently the Sisters of St. Joseph own not just the building Lawson is in, but a sizable piece of land out behind it as well. I’d heard that the walk was scenic; several of the Lawson staff take advantage of the pretty surroundings themselves, from time to time.

The area is lovely. The river is wide, and takes an almost dog-leg bend right there, so for a while along the path it is visible running both straight ahead and off to the left, into the distance. It’s a popular place too! I saw a large turtle, sunning himself on a rock jutting out of the shallow river, a wee baby bunny hopping along the top of the riverbank, and a big fat groundhog waddling from one patch of thatch to another.

Since that first walk, I’ve made a point of strolling the path during almost every lunch hour, enjoying the few minutes of natural calm and beauty, and recharging my batteries for the afternoon.

Cultivate an appreciation for foreign film (read all 2 entries…)
#1 - Pan's Labyrinth

This was an incredible first film – I loved it. I had no trouble at all with reading the subtitles or staying with the story. I had to cover my eyes a few times over some gruesome violence, but aside from those few moments, I found the story to be rich and complex and the visuals stunning. I wish I could give a proper review – this film deserves it. It was excellent; even though I cried at the end, it was a complete pleasure to watch.

Help Jamie heal by gently encouraging him to back away from his keyboard (just 'til he's better, then we get him back full time) (read all 2 entries…)

Looks like you’ve been a busy li’l typer this morning James…

I’m just sayin’.


List 43 ways I can take excellent care of myself
1. Slack off at work and play on 43T all day ;o)

2. massage my scalp while washing my hair
3. dry brush my body all over before showering/bathing
4. trim/file my nails
5. perform ‘ankle alphabets’
6. move through a sun salutation (or several)
7. drink a glass of ice water with breakfast and lunch
8. drink a glass of cold milk with dinner
9. eat breakfast every day
10. wash my hands and face at bedtime
11. wash my hands with very warm water and a pleasantly scented soap several times a day
12. brush my teeth for the full two minutes
13. walk 10 minutes – I’m told that equals 1000 steps
14. eat fish three times a week
15. eat a serving or two of raw veggies every day
16. perform sitting/standing for two minutes straight – I never ever want to lose my ability to get up out of my chair.
17. keep my home tidy
18. perform the BSE at least once in a while
19. perform Kegel exercises daily
20. change into my comfy clothes as soon as I arrive home from work
21. hug and kiss as much as possible
22. listen to music
23. control my carbohydrate intake
24. write morning pages
25. go to bed before I’m tired
26. relieve neck tension with frequent neck rolls and stretches
27. sleep in once in a while
28. lift weights/perform resistance exercises 3x/week
29. give thanks before meals
30. refresh myself with iced herbal teas
31. eat at the table like a grown up once in a while
32. take hot bubble baths – often
33. go wild dancing and singing along with favorite songs when no one’s around to catch me doing it
34. spend time outdoors every day
35. keep in frequent touch with people who love me
36. limit exposure to things I know are harmful
37. say no when I want to
38. say yes when I want to
39. wear only the best quality shoes, bras and panties
40. forgive myself my imperfections and failings
41. meditate
42. drive less
43. laugh and cry freely

Record things that make me happy (read all 39 entries…)
Random joys and pleasures
  • staying up late to cheer on the underdogs – GO PENGUINS GO!!!!
  • a little spare time to spend here, among you fine folks of 43T
  • being a third of the way through my courses
  • daily bursts of productivity that miraculously amount to my (mostly) keeping all these balls in the air
  • happy birthday parties and DQ ice cream cake – three days in a row! :oD
  • a fun evening out at the ballpark wit da boyz
  • piping hot, delicious, nutritious homemade minestrone soup…mmm
  • Scrabulous wins
  • surprises on their way to me in the mail (squeeee!)

Exemplify health and fitness (read all 29 entries…)
a poor effort
Forward progress
  • rode my bike downtown on Saturday
  • played badminton for about half an hour on Sunday evening
  • have started eating breakfast (every day this week!)
  • am still taking my vitamins almost every morning
  • have been trying to divide my plate into quarters – one quarter section each for protein and starch, and the remaining half plate covered in at least two, sometimes three, veggies or salad.
Backward… regress?
  • back to having a beer or two almost every day, and last weekend drank a pitcher of margaritas myself – both days! (still no wine though – that’s something, I guess)
  • eating a lot of fast/packaged food and too much red meat
  • not drinking nearly enough water
  • am making time for Nia only once a week, and have told David that I would prefer not to run in the mornings any more until school is finished, so exercise is seriously lacking

Overall, I’m feeling pulled in too many directions and my self-care has taken the worst hit. I’m paying close attention to my mental/emotional health though, cutting myself slack all over the place so as not to add to my stress by worrying about all that I’m NOT doing because I’m too busy doing all that I AM doing.

At least once a day I catch myself daydreaming about all that I’ll enjoy once school ends… preparing healthy meals and exercising daily top the list.

make the most of the time I've been given (read all 41 entries…)
down (and dirty) time

On Wednesday evening, after another good but long work day followed by dinner out with my Nan, I returned home to find several trays and pots of plants lining my driveway – gifts obviously from my Mom.

I’ll be honest – I was initially a bit annoyed. I know it seems ungrateful to feel that way upon receiving a spontaneous gift, but at first glance, to me it just looked like another CHORE!

In short order, however, I corrected my attitude, found my gratitude, and headed back outside to see what little treasures I’d been gifted. It was close to 8:00 p.m. by then, and I didn’t expect much more daylight, but after I had a look at the tomatoes, peppers, daisies (gerbera AND shasta – yay!), the rouge cardinal clematis, three varieties of delphineum, and this handsome devil:

I couldn’t wait to grab my gloves and spade and get down and dirty.

That was how I spent the remainder of my evening. As the sun set and the solar twinkle lights began to illuminate, I lovingly welcomed all 27 new plants to my garden. I savored the familiar aromas of damp wormy earth, stale garden hose water, and freshly mown grass. I enjoyed the fresh air and exercise. I realized that I had been wanting to spend time puttering in the garden, but that other obligations, as well as not having the money to buy materials, have prevented me. I realized that my Mom had given me an invaluable gift – an excuse to spend time doing what brings me joy. Thanks Mom!

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