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Attempt to cook new meals for dinner so we don't always eat the same boring things (read all 8 entries…)
Tried Japanese port schnitzel

So last week I tried this Japanese pork schnitzel we made at school. It was really gross when I made it at home. My mum liked it but she might have just been saying that. I also tried to make this chicken pasta thing a while ago which was alright. I’m going to make satay chicken this week I think and try something new next week. I’m recipe searching at the moment.

identify my 100 favourite songs (in no order) (read all 29 entries…)

*Iris by the goo goo dolls
*Bittersweet by HIM

identify my 100 favourite songs (in no order) (read all 29 entries…)
  • Good riddence by greenday
  • Hear you me by Jimmy Eat World
  • hallelujah by jeff Buckly
  • going away to collage by Blink 182
  • Jesus of Suburbia by Greenday
  • Mad World by Gary Jules

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 4 entries…)

61. rock estedford
62. Drama and drama performances
63. the top of a muffin
63. licking the bowl after making a cake
64. those extra few minutes to sleep after your alarm goes off
65. not feeling tired
66. looking at good photo’s that bring back good memories
67. having a clean room
68. when your favourite bands release a new album
69. doing something for a good cause
70. sleep
71. shows from my childhood.

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 4 entries…)
37-60 things

37. going on school camps
38. writing and soon to be filming my TV show
39. The beach
40. overseas holidays
41. when I go to church
42. dogs and cats especially Harriet
43. philosophy
44. getting excited about trying something new
45. school holidays
46. going to concerts
47. finding a really good piece of clothing
48. theme parks
49. not having 9th period anymore on a Friday
50. getting lifts
51. coke
52. funny bus trips
53. babies and little kids that are really cute and not annoying
54. getting warm when your cold and cold when your hot
55. Christmas and lighting santa’s way
56. birthdays
57. making new friends or meeting cool new people
58. scrubs
59. writing in my open diary
60. watching sailor moon and Darrian and sailor moons romance

make a tv show/short film (read all 3 entries…)
2nd draft of the script

So I showed my “partner” the script and she was really impressed. I must admit it felt good to receive praise for it seeing as I worked so hard on it. Anyway she went through and annotated it and added/changed some stuff most of which I agree with. I still haven’t heard from my other friend what she thinks but I think I might ask one more person to read through it and add ideas and whatever before I write up a final draft and get it photocopied for everyone i think that will act in it. I’m glad my partner liked it because i think we would have had a lot of problems if she didn’t. I started storyboarding when I had a free today and when the big rubbish clean ups are on soon i am going to go looking for props. I’ve also written up a rough film schedule. I reckon we’ll start filming in a month or so. when it’s finished i”m going to show it to my drama teacher and see what he thinks because he is one of my favourite teachers and most of my friends that are going to act in it and having him for drama next year so we can show off our stuff. Anyway I am really excited about the way things are going.

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 4 entries…)
36 things

Why haven’t I started this yet. okay here i go

1. having long discussions about Harry potter, waiting for the new Harry Potter book and getting really exited, going on muggle net and reading about Harry Potter, laughing at the crapness of the Harry potter movies. ANYTHING to do with HARRY POTTER.
2.Making and watching my soap opera
3. friends family
6.waiting for a party that you have told yourself is going to be really good (the waiting for it turns out to be better then the real thing.)
7.Sleeping in on Saturday mornings
8.not getting in trouble at work
9. going to a cafe to have a nice meal
11. catching up with a friend you haven’t seen in ages…like tegan
12. the beach and surfing
13.Learning French, practicing French, speaking french, reading french
14. getting passionate about a cause house movies
16. reading a really really good book
17. eating good food such as chocolate
18. going away on holidays and having the best time ever
19. my favourite school subjects crothing, film and tv, creative writting, philosophy, phart
20. Getting good subjects and good teachers
21. the colour purple
22. skiing and the snow
23. listening to music
24. blink 182, gyroscope, jimmy eat world, green day, the song hallelujah
25. watching ewan mcgregor, heroes or lost
26. youth group, Sheena and Dave
27. Good memories
28. my monokoru boo stuff
29. having my own room
30. coming home
31. when i look good
32. getting compliments that mean something
33. the feeling after finishing a race or a really hard training session
34. getting a msn message
35. sleepovers
36. being able to play something on guitar

Thats enough for today.

make a tv show/short film (read all 3 entries…)
Writing the script

This was the sort of thing on my list that I thought I would take forever to get around to doing. I love filming things and editing and all that coz it is so much fun. and I love watching the final product. I though because I want to work in film and tv when I’m older that it would be a good idea to do some experimenting now. I chose a TV show i guess because it’s really hard to do a short film and with a tv show if i really like it the first time i can keep doing episodes even if it takes months between episodes. Anyway i have a friend who just bought a video camera and we decided to make a show together. The show is going to very much be influenced by our own lives and funny things that happen to us, or things we say because we find ourselves hilarious. My goal was to get this finished by next holidays which is 10 weeks away. After lots of preparation and throwing ideas arounds and changing my mind and whatever I have written a first script draft for the first episode. it is about 15 pages. I showed it to my friend to get some outside feedback and she thinks its a bit too cliche but I think since its my first time writing it’s a bit hard to think outside cliche, thats all I know really. Anyway I went back and tried to change the dialogue so it sounded a bit more natural and how my friends and I would talk. The storyline is still very boring and predictable but the side things, dialogue and characters will make it much more interesting as well as sound, setting and camera angles. I sent my revised script copy to my friend again and am waiting to see what she thinks. I’ll then show it to my friend I am making the show with and we might change things together. After that the script should be finished and I’ll have to convince my friends to act in it. Finding places to shoot will be the hardest thing I think along with the fact that I know hardly any boys that will want to act in it. Actually I know about 1 and there is at least 2 main characters that are male. I’m also thinking about buying some form of microphone and a good tripod. I also think my computer probably needs better editing software, i don’t even know what software we do have.

Well that is my progress so far. An almost finished script. It’s a good start i think.

save $2000 (read all 4 entries…)

So I’ve been saving my pay and stuff and I have $650 in the bank and $100 in change at home. That makes $750 and means I have 1250 to go.

Attempt to cook new meals for dinner so we don't always eat the same boring things (read all 8 entries…)
New aim

To complete this goal I am setting myself the task of making a new meal each week for the next 5 weeks starting on Monday. I’m looking up new recipes at the moment.

do nice things for my friends (read all 2 entries…)

I really love my friends and I want to do nice little things for them that show I care but I’m not sure what to do. I’m thinking of some ideas

give out more compliments
*ring them up just to talk
*lend them money when they need it
*help them with their homework etc
*support what they do such as seeing a play their in or something
*burn them CDs
*make them muffins
*Invite them round for dinner or lunch

Well thats a start my goal is doing all theses things at least once in the next 2 weeks.


get guitar lessons

I finally got around to getting lessons. I’m having them at 4:00 every Thursday with my sisters friend for $10. Its good because its my sisters friend which means if i ever don’t feel like doing it, or I can’t be bothered to practice or whatever it doesn’t matter. It’s also cheaper too. I’ve actually been practicing a bit which is good because I never practiced for violin but I like guitar better.

save $2000 (read all 4 entries…)

I have been saving my money slowly and so far I have saved about $500. that means I have $1500. I should probably have saved that about by this time next year if I don’t buy anything to big. I might be going to France next year and if I do, I’ll probably spend a lot of money there. My aim is to always have at least the $500 in the bank and slowly build that up.

$1500 to go.

Attempt to cook new meals for dinner so we don't always eat the same boring things (read all 8 entries…)
Tried chicken parmagania

Well I tried to cook chicken Parmagana the other night for dinner because they always make it at work and it looks really good. It was a bit of a disaster coz it took me ages and all the crums fell of the chicken but it still tasted good. I’m not going to tick this meal off yet though coz I want to make a few new meals yet…

Watch all episodes of scrubs (read all 8 entries…)
Finished the 2nd season

I finished the second season after work yesterday and I watched some extras on the DVD which are really interesting. I’m so addicted to this show.

go skinny dipping (read all 2 entries…)

For anyone who knows me they would think this is a very weird goal for me because I hardly do anything crazy like that but lately I’ve been taking myself outside of my usual ways. I would really like to go skinny dipping it would be exciting and something crazy for me to do. i just don’t know where to go skinny dipping.

Watch all episodes of scrubs (read all 8 entries…)
Getting there

I bought the second and third season the other day for $20 each. I’ve watched half of the second season. It’s definitely a good way to pass the time when I’m sick like the last few days. When I finish the third season I’m going to go halves in the next seasons with my sis. How many season are there?

Attempt to cook new meals for dinner so we don't always eat the same boring things (read all 8 entries…)
Identifying the goal

I have to cook dinner once a week and I’m always stuck cooking the same 2 meals, beef stir fry or satay chicken. I’m really bored of these meals and I want to broaden my skills. I think I’m going to try to make chicken pamagana, or honey chicken. I’m going to look for recipes on the net.

I am hoping the achieve this goal by next week.

do yoga at 6am at the beach

I checked out some books from the library today that are yoga and pilates. Now I’m on holiday I am going to try and do yoga most days.

Buy my own surfboard (read all 3 entries…)
Finally got one!!

Yes finally I have bought my own board and I’m so excited about being able to surf whenever I want. I picked up the board today from Sydney. Its a bit worn but has been fixed up. its 7’6 feet which is a really good size for a beginner. I meet with the guy from eBay and he was really nice and friendly. I was a bit worried about meeting someone from eBay but it was all good. Another goal I am very happy I achieved.

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