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  1. 1. Finish my social networking project.... on time.
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  2. 2. respect myself
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  3. 3. make friends
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  4. 4. write a book
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  5. 5. stay in shape
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  6. 6. drink less
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  7. 7. overcome depression and anxiety
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  8. 8. finish what I started
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  9. 9. Not set too many goals for myself
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  10. 10. become a millionaire
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  11. 11. work out regularly
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Not set too many goals for myself (read all 2 entries…)

Its tough, I had too many goals listed here so I took a few off to start. This goal has a lot to do with staying focused and completing goals that I’ve already created. So considering that I’ve already completed one or two of my previous goals and am working on some of the others I think I’ve done a fairly good job of staying on task. I bought a planner the other day and I still haven’t gotten into the habbit of keeping track of everything and I find myself wanting to put that off. Looks like I may need to add another goal to my list.

stay in shape

I currently weigh 201lbs. I’m about 6’ tall. I’m “husky” if anything, not exactly hugely overweight, but its more than I’ve ever been.

So, I’ve started going to the gym on a semi regular basis – Every other day sometimes a 2 day break. What inevitably happens on my days off/in between I end up going out to eat and drinking.

I think i need to start either eating less or just eating healthier. Either way I’ll be miserable. I plan on eating breakfast because it is supposed to keep your metabolism active earlier in the day. Drinking less will have to be tied into this plan too because drinking actually slows the metabolism. Its going to be a long haul.

Not set too many goals for myself (read all 2 entries…)

I stretch myself too thin, i take on what i know i can’t handle or maybe I can handle it if I were better organized. I’d like to stop doing that. I worry that even sitting here now writing about each goal i aim to accomplish is taking up time i could be spending elsewhere.

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