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  1. 1. be happy with myself
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  2. 2. stop being so hard on myself
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  3. 3. eat healthier
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  4. 4. learn how to drive a stick-shift
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  5. 5. Go skinny dipping at night
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Go skinny dipping at night

idk i’ve always wanted to try it and my bf and some friends say its fun maybe this summer :)

get my braces off (read all 8 entries…)

They’re off!!! they’re finally off!!! i’m so happy!!!!!!!!! except…..i hate my retainer and i might have to wear it everyday for a year!! and i have a permanent bottom retainer so i guess its never going to end….but o well at least the braces are off!!! i feel soooooo much better about myself now!!:)

get my braces off (read all 8 entries…)
6 days!!!

its almost here! 6 but more like 5 days!!! omg i am soooo excited i cant wait!!!

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