Dear 43 Things Users,

10 years after introducing 43 Things to the world, we have decided we have met our last goal: completing the incredible experience that has been 43 Things. Please join us in giving one last cheer to all the folks who have shared their goals with the world, as well as all the people who have worked at The Robot Co-op to build this incredible website. We won a Webby Award, published a book, and brought happiness to a lot of people.

Starting today, 43 Things users can export their goals and entries from the site. Starting August 15, we will make the site “read only”. 43 Things users will still be able to view the site and export their content, but we won’t be taking any new content from users. We hope to leave the site up for folks to see and download their content until the end of the year. Ending on New Year’s Eve takes us full circle.

It has been a long ride (one of our original goals was to "build a company that lasts at least 2 years” - we beat that one!) While we wish the site could live on, it has suffered from a number of challenges - changes in how people use the site, the advertising industry, and how search engines view the site. We wish the outcome was different – but we’ve always been realistic about when our goals are met and when they aren't.

As of today, you will be able to download your goals and entries. See more about that on the FAQ page. Thanks for 10 great years of goal-setting and achieving.

- The Robots.

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I'm doing 31 things

Ru's Life List

  1. 1. be a good mother
    106 entries . 1782 cheers
    887 people
  2. 2. love
    34 entries . 1086 cheers
    3,387 people
  3. 3. do first things first
    975 entries . 313 cheers
    101 people
  4. 4. find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year
    2076 entries . 472 cheers
    2,671 people
  5. 5. Clean/Declutter (maintain the gumption)
    57 entries . 598 cheers
    12 people
  6. 6. Memorial Book Release Project
    18 entries . 105 cheers
    2 people
  7. 7. go out on "date nights" with my spouse on a regular basis
    72 entries . 1040 cheers
    452 people
  8. 8. Read more books
    73 entries . 604 cheers
    11,828 people
  9. 9. Reawaken my dream life
    7 entries . 715 cheers
    18 people
  10. 10. use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without
    12 entries . 468 cheers
    94 people
  11. 11. Breast feed my baby for as long as possible
    6 entries . 213 cheers
    2 people
  12. 12. Finish what I start
    1 entry . 574 cheers
    4,026 people
  13. 13. play more board games
    29 entries . 209 cheers
    80 people
  14. 14. read to my kids more
    23 entries . 135 cheers
    18 people
  15. 15. teach my son to swim
    6 entries . 264 cheers
    14 people
  16. 16. Release 100 books on BookCrossing
    13 entries . 85 cheers
    14 people
  17. 17. write haiku on fridays
    169 entries . 478 cheers
    170 people
  18. 18. donate 1 gallon of blood
    1 entry . 332 cheers
    41 people
  19. 19. use up all of my gift cards
    11 entries . 68 cheers
    2 people
  20. 20. potty train my daughter
    1 entry . 25 cheers
    26 people
  21. 21. complete project 365
    226 entries . 22 cheers
    119 people
  22. 22. BMI=22
    7 entries . 143 cheers
    1 person
  23. 23. build a robot
    4 entries . 145 cheers
    459 people
  24. 24. relax
    1 entry . 589 cheers
    1,985 people
  25. 25. edit my book
    6 entries . 280 cheers
    11 people
  26. 26. publish a book
    3 entries . 561 cheers
    2,597 people
  27. 27. knit a Dr. Who scarf
    1 entry . 581 cheers
    36 people
  28. 28. get my driver's license
    4 entries . 505 cheers
    5,140 people
  29. 29. go on a Great American Road Trip
    1 entry . 449 cheers
    18 people
  30. 30. Marry the love of my life.
    1 entry . 771 cheers
    955 people
  31. 31. $
    28 entries . 213 cheers
    3 people
  32. 32. Hang out here till the lights go out.
    21 cheers
    29 people
  33. 33. :)
    1 cheer
    1 person
Recent entries
Bid a fond farewell to this site in the old style (read all 3 entries…)
Too much, not enough

 photo cycle_zps08b52e30.jpg

As we get down to our final entries, I feel caught. My mind buzzes with unsaid things wanting to burst out and then goes blank at the same time. I’ve said a lot of it already, and if I haven’t then others have said it more eloquently. Weave it all together and we have a big, mutual web to wrap ourselves in for these last few hours. I’m glad so many people are stopping by today.

I found 43Things in 2006 (while chasing a PostSecrets link), got deliciously distracted by what was happening here, and never left. So much has happened in the years since, too much to go over in the little time left.

This has been so many things to me – a change catalyst, a support system, a creative outlet, a positive distraction, an ocean of information, an immeasurable network of feedback and friendship… some of my brightest and darkest times have been weathered across screens here. It felt like home. You feel like a huge, diverse, amazing extended family. It’s hard to believe this is really the end.

Again, thank-you so very much. I will do my very best to pick up and carry on elsewhere, but I know it won’t be the same.

And now, some music as the lights go down…

Ha! Made it to 43 before time ran out!

Those Were The Days – Bunker style

Tom Waits – Hold On

Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang

Echo and the Bunnymen – Bring on The Dancing Horses

Arcade Fire – Reflektor

Siouxsie & The Banshees – Cities In Dust

Rocky Horror Picture Show – Don’t Dream It, Be It

David Bowie – Ashes To Ashes

Talking Heads – Burning Down the House

The Muppets: Stand By Me

Soft Cell – Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

The Cure – Lovesong

This Mortal Coil – Song to the Siren

Radiohead – Street Spirit

Dolly Parton – I Will Always Love You

ABBA – Knowing Me Knowing You

Rone – Bye Bye Macadam

Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over

Nina Hagen – Somewhere over the Rainbow

björk – Hyperballad

Cyndi Lauper – Time After Time

Depeche Mode – Everything Counts

David Bowie – Changes

Elvis Presley – It’s Over

The Cranberries – I Can’t Be With You

Patti Smith – Pissing In A River

16 Horsepower – Splinters

PJ Harvey – Shame

Moon River – Audrey Hepburn

The Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight

Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up

The Beatles – Hello Goodbye

The Doors – The End

The Cramps – I Can’t Hardly Stand It

The Killers – Exitlude

Leonard Cohen – Closing Time

Those Were The Days – Mary Hopkin

Nina Simone – After you’ve gone

The Velvet Underground – All Tomorrow’s Parties

Billie Holiday – I’‘ll be Seeing You

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – The Ship Song

Dead Can Dance – Sanvean

So Long Farewell

This was real.
I love you all.
I hope we meet again.

be a good mother (read all 106 entries…)
I carry your hearts (I carry them in my heart)

I’d say this is my most important goal here (both to myself and as the most heavily cheered), and one I’ll continue to the best of my abilities for as long as I’m alive.

When I first came to 43Things, this was one of the very first things I listed, and this was one of my first entries. Isak was a tiny baby and I was finding my footing as a new mom, but I’m still behind everything I wrote back then, which now goes for Iris too.

So much has happened since those early days – I’ve learned so much, made lots of mistakes along the way (and probably been too hard on myself for them), we’ve all grown and had adventures, accomplishments, scares, scars, celebrations, hysterical laughter, exquisite messes, and the odd tantrum.

We’re trying to load up on unconditional love, diverse experiences, open communication, stories, games, knowledge, creativity, and lots of unstructured play, as well as the discipline, stability, safety etc. needed for a good balance.

We’ve juggled our constantly changing family dynamics and I’ve had my heart expand in ways I didn’t think were possible. Life is a daily adventure and it’s lovely seeing things through their eyes, sharing things they don’t know (and vise versa), and being fortunate enough to be so involved in their lives.

The kids have grown up on this site, and it feels like it’s gone so fast. Isak has gone from a wee infant to a truly wonderful, warmhearted, creative young man. I feel blessed that at 9 he’s still so affectionate and keen on talking and doing things together.

Iris was just a dream on a tricky and sometimes devastating road that ran straight through 43Things the whole way. She was a deep hope that finally sparked a positive test that grew into shared ultrasounds and being welcomed into the world. Now she’s three and fearless – running around in pigtails; full of laughter and fire. I’m glad to have shared this part of our lives here.

Thanks to those of you who shared sage advice (or just listened) and sent such gloriously random things (postcards, books, games, distant treats, handmade bits and bobs) that have expanded their horizons, fueled their imaginations.

I can’t express how badly I want to raise happy, healthy, productive, compassionate, wonderful people with shiny moral compasses. I hope when I’m gone (hopefully a long, long time from now) they’ll remember me as a good mom that helped to fuel happy, loving childhoods. I love them both so much it hurts.

Such a difficult and gorgeous adventure, parenthood. I love it from the bottom of my disheveled but constantly overflowing heart.

find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year (read all 2076 entries…)
One of my favorite goals…

This one stoked my creative fire, opened my eyes to joy in dark days, sent me on treasure hunts in hard times, sent me hurtling towards bliss with open arms during the good, and did much to inspire perspective shifts and the slow . savoring . of . moments.

From the first day in September ‘07 to my last post this year (funny, both featured umbrellas), I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I did get behind, and tried valiantly to catch-up, but we’re now out of time to do that here. I still have all my joynotes and hope to catch up somehow, somewhere (over the rainbow).

It was a daily delight to read everyone’s entries flowing through this goal – it was contagious and inspiring and eye opening to other lives and the happiness found there.

Thank you everyone for sharing so many happy and gratitude drenched pieces of yourselves.

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