I'm doing 25 things

Runningaway728's Life List

  1. 1. be a vegetarian
    1 cheer
    327 people
  2. 2. find myself
    2,103 people
  3. 3. have relationship with my mother and father
    1 person
  4. 4. stop losing interest
    1 person
  5. 5. stop getting mad easily
    1 person
  6. 6. breath, get it over with
    1 person
  7. 7. be more focused
    222 people
  8. 8. stop being in denial
    4 people
  9. 9. change myself
    58 people
  10. 10. save my mother from her watery grave
    1 person
  11. 11. dont lie
    23 people
  12. 12. quit smoking
    9,313 people
  13. 13. give drugs up
    1 person
  14. 14. Dont hold grudges
    13 people
  15. 15. get straight A's again
    36 people
  16. 16. teach myself to play the guitar
    102 people
  17. 17. Do homework
    59 people
  18. 18. skateboard
    385 people
  19. 19. prove myself
    71 people
  20. 20. dont give up
    1 cheer
    77 people
  21. 21. write a book
    31,312 people
  22. 22. get my teeth straightened
    92 people
  23. 23. Don't let the small things get to me, just smile anyways :)
    1 cheer
    1 person
  24. 24. clean my room
    2,794 people
  25. 25. find happiness
    617 people
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I’m in homeschooling so i’ll be here with you to help you out.
but ill give you time alone by yourself.
i have had people try to steal from me.
well, don’t i have a lockbox with stuff you cant get too.
im very aware of my surroundings i know if anything in this room changes.
i will help you with a plan before you come.
ill help you with routes so you don’t get caught.
and i’ll tell you exactly where to go from here.
if the cops show up here i can get you out in seconds to a safe place to hide untill there gone.

run away (read all 5 entries…)
Serious runaways

I just met someone on here yesterday and she’s probley coming here to stay untill she gets back on her feet.
so i can accecpt a few more people that are completely serious about doing this.
Here’s what i can provide for you:
A home in a good neighborhood.
a bedroom.
i have internet and cable.
and you’ll have your own privacy.

bring these things:
money to help out.
items you need.
do not bring a cell phone, you will get tracked.

i live in columbus ohio.
please get back to me and let me know.
this offer may not be here for long.



preferably myspace if you can.
ill provide pictures of myself and the place you will be staying.
nobody younger than 15.
im not stupid, i can tell if you are younger than 15.

become something

i’ve been something all along :D
but when im out of highschool.
i know i can do it.
i already have the plans for it and im very determined :D

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