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You weren’t hugged enough as a child were you?

Lets face it… this can be a horrible time of year for some people.

We are so busy maxing out credit cards, wiggling out of awkward social disasters, driving like complete asshats and getting gut punched by some blue haired old lady over the last pashmina shawl available in Nordstroms Rack (not something I care to repeate btw) that we forget about the “reason for the season”.

Pagan, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist… whatever you are or what ever you align with this time of year is about hope, peace, love and all things groovy.

I complain about people being all out unforgivable, un-excusable, rancid rat bastards this time of year since I was twelve, but this year on Christmas Eve I am going to do something about it…

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care to join me?

post whatever is on my mind
Should I?

so i’ve always lived out loud. But then this thing happened with my fiancée and we broke up and suddenly I am afraid of everything I write.

My writing wasn’t the problem
the fact that he was unmotivated, blamed others, and cheated on me was the problem

But I am still afraid to make him look like a bad guy
because that would make me look like a bitch
which hasn’t bothered me in the past
but for some reason does now
maybe because if I admit that I stayed with him for so long I would really look like an idiot…

Writing blogs and posting has always been catharsis for me but I find myself biting my tongue errr pen… errr keyboard and it is annoying the ever loving fuck out of me

so should I just continue with my wild uncensored verbal diarrhea or should I not

who am I kidding
my ovaries are way to big to be contained like this for long

make a difference (read all 2 entries…)
You don't even know it do you?

We touch people everday
with the things we do and the things we say…

At least I think we do. The sad thing about this is that we rarely see the impression, the change, the difference we leave behind. I have in the past few months been thanked out of the blue by people who I have touched. And it felt amazing to know that I had made a difference and it made me conscious of the things that I do.

So right now my thing is returning that feeling to others.

My way of making a difference this month is by making others aware of the wonderful changes they have brought about. There is life altering power not only in the greatest charity that will help hundreds of thousands but also in the smallest kindest simplest cup of tea shared between friends.

You are all amazing!!!

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